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Fractals: Cheap Agony Resistance - save your gold

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Ive noticed alot of people in Guild chat recently trying to figure out Agony Resistance.  It is very confusing at first.  This isn't really a guide.  But I am trying to be informative and you will save alot of gold if you understand this.  There are multiple types agony resistance.  But the ones you pay 75 fractal relics for are the ones that cater to almost everyone and they are substantially cheaper.  They are called Versatile Simple Infusions.  They can be applied to ANY ascended gear (weapons, armor, rings, accessories, back, amulets) as well as legendary weapons... no need to infuse them like you do with other AR buffs.


Generally, people will apply these Versatile Simple Infusions to their armor and all trinkets except for their ascended amulet, which they keep their utility infusion for a karma buff, magic find buff or whatever.  This gives 11 slots for +5 agony resistance, giving you 55AR.  This covers you up to level 49 fractal where you only get 1% health loss from agony. 


At level 50 fractal you will need 70AR to achieve the 1% health tick from agony.  So to make up the 15 AR you may need to utilize your weapons as well as your amulet or if you want to do it more comfortably.  At this stage it may be worth investing in AR from means other than Versatile Simple Infusions, but that choice is then up to you.  I see alot of people who are relatively new to fractals spending gold on the other infusions and its a waste of gold.


I know alot of people don't use the forums regularly so feel free to spread the word.  There is no justification for spending gold on AR at present outside of level 50 fractal where you may or may not want to keep your utility infusion.  Even if you don't have ascended armor, it will work out cheaper in the long run to craft that ascended armor rather than purchase or craft your own AR. 

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Some players do not wish to carry versatile infusions in ascended armor because ascended armor is intrinsically expensive, and generally less useful than ascended weapons in the way the current PvE meta is structured. In this case:


1. Ascended Accessories with VSI are still your first go-to. Get this from Guild Missions, you need 2 weeks of full missions for each piece. (10 AR) - This covers you up to Flvl 19. [10 AR]

2. Fill VSI in both weapon sets. Aquatics don't need to be VSIed unless you have spares as most people do not do the Underwater fractal. (10 AR) [20 AR]

3. Fill VSI in your exotic+/ascended backpiece. The Exotic+ crafting backpacks ('Elegant [Professionname]'s Backpack') are capable of taking a single VSI for 5 AR. This covers you up to Flvl 29. [25 AR]

4. You should get enough Pristine Relics, ring drops and mist essence drops by this point to have 2 infused rings of your stat choice. To infuse a ring, dump the plain ring, 5 t1 essences (Flvl 1-10), 3 t2 essences (Flvl 11-20) and 1 t3 essence (Flvl 21+) into the mystic forge. You will also have enough +1 agony infusion drops now, far more than the necessary 64 to do the next step. Fill both infused rings with VSI, then use a character with Artificer to fuse the +1 infusions into +5. You never need to go beyond +5. These +X infusions use the 'infused' slot only available for infused rings and infused ascended backpieces, which is an entirely different slot from the Defensive/Offensive/Utility Infusion slots on other ascended gear. Do not slot VSIs into uninfused rings, as using the mystic forge recipe on a ring to infuse it erases the slotted infusion - and it'll be throwing away your VSI. Now put +5 infusions into each infused ring. You'll have a total of 20 AR from this, which covers you up to Flvl 39. This is the last step for which you can ignore ascended armor. [45 AR]

5. If coming here you must have ascended armor pieces. Two pieces (chestpiece and leggings) slotted with VSI will unlock up to Flvl 49 for you. [55 AR]

6. If you wish to do Flvl 50 specifically, you need three more pieces (gloves, shoulders and boots) slotted with VSI. [70 AR]

7. If future-proofing for Flvl 60, this is when you get an ascended tier backpiece (the most expensive ascended piece type), infuse it, and use VSI and +5 infusions on it. Also, make the final ascended armor piece (helmet) and slot it with a VSI. [80 AR] For Flvl 60 you will need 85 AR, but it doesn't exist yet. On release, if you want to do it immediately, purchase a second ascended amulet for Laurels + BoH in WvW, and use a VSI on this one - while keeping your Karma-infusion amulet to use for all other content.


ArenaNet is unlikely in the extreme to release beyond Flvl 60 in a single update.


The main use of Fractal Relics is to get VSI for characters you intend to do fractals with. Once all your fractal characters have 70+ AR, you can look into using the Relics to buy Gifts of Ascension to make infused ascended backpacks with, or the Prototype Fractal Capacitor. The main use of Pristine Fractal Relics is to buy ascended rings of your stat choice. Once all your characters have dual infused ascended rings, consider double clicking on the Pristines for more normal Relics. If you have maxed out AR, infused ascended backpieces and infused ascended rings for all your characters, you may now wish to upgrade the 18slot bags you use on your characters to 20-slot Fractal bags. If all characters have full 20-slot bags AND all the prerequisites earlier are met, you can make the full Fractal Capacitor skin if you wish, or keep the fractal relics for a future fractal update.

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85 AR is possible:

6 pieces of armour with VSI for 5 AR = 30

2 earrings 1 VSI each = 10

Infused backpiece and rings with 1 VSI and 1 +10AR Agony infusion = 45

30+10+45 = 85

That's why whenever I attach agony infusions i always use +10. Ridiculously slow to make though

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No need wat. 6 armors = 30, 2 weapons = 10, 2 asc inf rings = 20, asc inf backpiece = 10, 2 asc acc = 10, asc amulet 5. Total = 85.


Even if you must use a utility infusion for the amulet, it's still more price efficient to do +7 +7 +6 than +10 +5 +5.

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