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[All Professions: Triple Trouble] DPS Build

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keep in mind this is for people who want to do speed dungeons only, we are not banning TTS members from running dungeon with each other. You don't like elitist? Don't join the team then.


Normal friendly dungeons will still be run with all members, I'm just suggesting a stage for speed dungeon runners to gather and find each other. This is the same as Greg's Arah teachings (you must have at least exotic gear, willing to do whatever he tells you etc).

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Updated all the builds for the new core specializations.

They are all subject to change because we are gonna get a lot of balance patches.

I didn't include the burn phase rotation this time because I'm lazy. Maybe one day I will add it, but as of now the probabilities are very low. It's not really THAT hard to figure it out anyways.

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