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PR Overhaul!

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Attention members of TTS!


We are writing to you about a big change coming to the structure of TTS leadership.  As you may have guessed from the title we are re-working how our PR system works in order to give you (the community) a more relaxed and quick turn around for conflicts that arise so that we may continue to grow this excellent community in a positive and welcoming way!


What you need to know!


1)  The biggest change that is coming is the reporting system.  We are changing our previous setup: "talk to a PR member if you have a problem" to: "talk to any leader."  Our goal is to let members be comfortable approaching any leader of their choice instead of a select few.


2)  Once that leader has talked with you about the issue they will talk with other leaders and work on resolving the issue in a timely manner (within 7 days per our TTS constitution).  Once the issue has been addressed a leader will be in contact with you to follow up and let you know that the issue has been addressed and to see if you have any more concerns.


That's the biggest piece of it!  Just a few reminders to try clear the air about some misconceptions :)


1) Reporting an issue does not make you a tattle tale or a problem maker.  The reason for reporting issues is so that they can be addressed and fixed so that they do not become a bigger problem.  The longer the same thing goes on the bigger the issue becomes.  Our goal is to keep a positive and friendly community and if we have members not adhering to this behavior we want to help them behave in a way that helps us grow.


2)  When making a report you need to be specific.  For example, "Member A, said x,y and z.  And as you can see that is offensive."  What is not helpful, "Member B is being mean."  Once we have specifics we can work with individuals to address the behavior.  If you can get screenshots of the incident from in game messages or chat logs those are preferable.  If not please list anyone else present that would be able to attest to what happened.  We do need proof in order to handle issues that arise.


3)  We do not enjoy nor get pleasure from "getting people in trouble."  The whole point of the system is to encourage good behavior and help people see what they need to do in order to achieve that.  We're here to have fun and enjoy the community that we have and we want to spend our energy enjoying it, not trying to punish people.


4) We care about the community a lot!  We (as council) see a lot of hard work that our leaders put into helping the community and we want you to know that everything we do comes from a place of care and desire for good.


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the raids!

-TTS Council

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