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Leader and TTS members derp page!

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"Don't fill red." - Rachel Roqux @ Cobalt, 2014
"I am having fun." - Rachel Roqux @ Crimson, 2014 when assigning warbanners
"Team next, reflect." - Rachel Roqux @ Cobalt, 2014 as a reflect caller
"Whisper Merforga "What's the IP?" in three... two... one..." - Atlantino @ Taidha, 2014 shortly before being tempbanned
'North, Finger the holes." - Atlantino @ Tequatl Battery Phase 2, 2014

Also, a leader once called for warriors in the escort team to x up in say chat for warbanner assignment. I think it was Sera, but not 100% sure on that.

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<22:57:37> "[Aybiel] Aybiel": Well, I think that part of what made it so fun was Ailarin's moaning. LOL


dude i dont even know what i do anymore and i get talked about


what was the context!

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Summer's goof during Teq raid. Atlantino was on holiday at the time and as per the usual battery phase question, everyone answered Greg.


Newbie: Who's greg? You guys keep saying greg is it important?

Summer: Nah he's just a scrub

Atlantino: Summer when I get back you're gonna get it

Summer: Oh ****

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