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[Guardian Condition: Triple Trouble] Burn Stacking CondiGuard

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This is a build for people who really want to participate in Condi Team with Guardians for whatever reasons. This build revolves around controlling the husks with Guardian's immobilizes, damaging the husks with god tier BURNNNNNNNNSSSSSSS and other conditions applied by the consumables and weapon sigils.


Armor & Trinkets

  • Sinister Armor with Superior Runes of Balthazar
  • Sinister Trinkets

Weapons & Sigils

Sinister Greatsword

  • Superior Sigil of Bursting
  • Superior Sigil of Geomancy

Sinister Scepter

  • Superior Sigil of Bursting

Sinister Torch

  • Superior Sigil of Geomancy





Zeal - Zealous Scepter

  • Slight might boost when using scepter, always nice to have.
  • Use Fiery Wrath if you want to help out better in burn phases.

Zeal - Kindled Zeal

  • More condi damage, benefits greatly from Sinister gears.

Zeal - Symbolic Avenger

  • Filler trait, nice for burn phase.

Radiance - Inner Fire

  • Good source of Fury, good for proccing Sigil fo Earth.

Radiance - Radiant Fire

  • Burning duration increase.
  • More stacks of burns as well.

Radiance - Amplified Wrath

  • Flat increase in burning damage.

Virtues - Master of Consecrations

  • Longer lasting Purging Flames = more stacks of burn = more DPS.

Virtues - Supreme Justice

  • More burns, more DPS. Burn all the things!

Virtues - Indomitable Courage

  • Stability and stun break, always nice to have.
  • You can swap this out for Permeating Wrath if you plan to group up the husks.


Utility Skills

Signet of Resolve

  • Periodic condi cleanse
  • Good heal

Signet of Wrath

  • Pushes condi damage over the cap
  • Immobilize

Purging Flames

  • Burn
  • Condi cleanse
  • Combo Field: Fire

Judge's Intervention

  • Burn
  • Gap closer

Elite: "Feel My Wrath!"

  • Quickness, good for executing the rotation



  1. "Feel My Wrath!"
  2. Purging Flames on Husks
  3. Judge's Intervention
  4. Greatsword 2 then 5 then 4
  5. Switch to Scepter/Torch
  6. Scepter 3 then 2.
  7. Get close to husk, torch 4, then torch 4 again.
  8. Auto attack until weapon swap is ready.
  9. Swap and repeat.
  10. Throw in some consumables here and there.

Gameplay video, not the most perfect rotation, but yeah.


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