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TTS Official PvP Arena

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The TTS arena is owned by Council.3619 (search for it with this name) and is currently titled TTS Official Arena [TTS].  The name is subject to change.  This is for your use as members as well as for our fun events that we do in the PvP arena, such as Asura Ball and PvP Tournaments.

Its default setup is for members to go in and have some fun with their PvP dailies.  We have it set up with normal timers, 10 members per team (thus allowing many people to get in on the fun).

We also have a channel in our general events section titled PvP Dailies to help facilitate getting the dailies and encourage you to step in there to coordinate with others and keep things running smoothly.

Code of Conduct

  1. Our PvP Arena is still governed by the TTS Etiquette and thus anyone in there is bound to be respectful at all times.
  2. Red always wins, so please adhere to that. Keep in mind that the arena is set up for auto-balancing. For example, if red has two players more than blue, someone from red will be moved to blue, allowing someone in spectate to join red.
  3. Be respectful and help trade wins/objectives for the dailies, so that everyone is able to get it quickly (the purpose of custom arena dailies).
  4. As always, if you have any issues and you need to report them (trolls, rude or inappropriate behavior), contact a leader. If you can provide screenshots of the event and/or witnesses, that is always helpful. Another option is to e-mail the PR department at [email protected] to submit reports.
  5. Have fun!

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