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Active Status and The Purge™

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What is the Rep Check Policy?

As per our TTS Etiquette all of our members are required to represent their respective TTS guild while at our raids, this includes any alt accounts that you bring to our raids. At the start of every month, every member is set to inactive.  In order to maintain active status in TTS, you need to attend a minimum of one raid per month.  

Every raid you attend, you need to rep TTS.  This is for two reasons:

  • We require the influence in order to run buffs, and provide upgrades, banners, etc.
  • Since we are putting these raids on, we would like the recognition to be there, so that when people come to our maps and see a bunch of TTS tags, they ask how they can join, apply, and grow the community!

During our raids, leaders will be doing rep checks to swap members who are attending from inactive to active.  The definition of raid time is from when we enter the Teq channel to when we leave the Wurm channel, as well as the Guild Mission channel.  If you are in our teamspeak channels for Teq, Wurm, and Guild Missions, regardless of if you are on a TTS map or not, you are considered to be at our raids.

If you are at our raid and not repping, you will be set to inactive; a whisper will typically be sent prior to this, make sure to reply.  This is because we do expect all our members to be repping at our raids.  If you are not at our raid and not repping, your active status should be left alone.

If you attended a raid and repped but did not receive active status, check the ‘Message of the Day’ in your guild tab for instructions on how to get your active status.  If you were set to inactive in error, please do the same.  The goal is simply to make sure that TTS is the name people see while a TTS raid is happening.

At the end of the month, anyone that is inactive will be removed from their TTS guild.  If anyone removed in this way and wishes to rejoin the community, simply re-apply at ttsgamers.com/apply.

What is Active Status?

Active status is used to denote people who attend raids and have an active membership with TTS. You only need to attend a minimum of one raid per month to retain your Active Status. New members are automatically set to Active status. We do this to ensure the members in our guilds are active members in TTS.

Why was I changed to inactive status?

Your status was changed because during a raid you didn’t rep a TTS guild when we were checking rep status. Also, at the beginning of each month, everyone is reset back to inactive.

How do I get active status?

There are two ways to get Active Status:

  • Rep TTS during all raids. Note that this includes the setup component of the raid. As a general rule of thumb, if you are in a raid channel, you should be repping. You will automatically be set to active by a Leader at some point during the raid.
  • If, after the raid has concluded, and you have not been set to active. Mail a leader with the following details:
    • Which TTS guild you are in (Name in full)
    • Your account name (not character name)
    • Raid you attended and who was commanding

What is The Purge™?

The Purge is a monthly guild maintenance we do to free up membership slots in our guilds and by kicking players no longer active within the TTS Community. The Purge typically happens at the end of every month and involves the following:

  • A week prior to the Purge, invites will be on hold.
  • On the day of the Purge, all outstanding invites will be removed
  • All members with an inactive status will be removed from the guild
  • All members with an active status will be moved to inactive
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