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Mikazuki X

Utility consumables list

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Dredge potion - Dredge fractal, SEp2, SEp3, Commissar
Inquest potion - CoEp1,2,3 golems, SEp1, Uncategorised fractal, Golem Mark II
Outlaw potion - CMp1,2,3, Colossus fractal, Mossman, Taidha Covington
Svanir potion - HoTWp1,2,3, Snowblind fractal boss, Frozen Maw
Krait potion - Underwater fractal
Grawl potion - Grawl fractal
Flame legion potion - CoFp1,2,3, Fire Shaman
Nightmare court potion - TA F, U, Bloomhunger, Jungle Wurm
Elemental potion - Snowblind fractal, Dredge fractal boss, Grawl fractal boss, Fire Elemental
Undead potion - Arahp1,2,3, CoEp1,2,3 Subject Alpha/Risen, All Priests/Priestesses, Shadow Behemoth
Centaur potion - Modnir Ulgoth
Ogre potion - Foulbear Chieftain
Destroyer potion - Megadestroyer
Karka potion - Karka Queen
Adding 10% damage and reducing 10% damage taken is far more powerful than sharpening stones whenever they're applicable for most maximum damage builds, and in most cases it's also cheaper in addition to being better.
Lastly, a notable, supercheap alternative to sharpening stones/maintenance oils/tuning crystals to take the utility slot is skale venom, which inflicts weakness and vulnerability with a 10% success rate, with no internal cooldown. You can get those through Rexavian Redfoot, Bloodfin Lake, Iron Marches after completing an event for him.
Under testing

I have yet to confirm if the potion of undead slaying works on Tequatl, and if the potion of Nightmare court slaying works on the Triple-Headed Jungle Wurm. Dulfy and some guilds stand on one side, some other guilds, guides and GW2wiki stand on the other. Neither Dulfy nor GW2Wiki have been infallible, since the former erred regarding the Enchanted Key drop locations, and the latter erred regarding the crit status of the superior sigil of air. In times like this, personal tests are necessary.
Summoning Consumables

Fire Elemental Powder: 1s 4c, Fireheart Rise > Fuller Cistern
Ogre Pet Whistle: 1s 4c, Iron Marches > Newglade Kraal
Deployable Mortar Kit: 1s 4c, Fireheart Rise > Sloven Pitch
Mortar Seed Turret: 16c, Caledon Forest > Wychmire Swamp

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