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A Site to help you find Meta Builds

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Just quickly,

This is a site that you can use to find some really nice builds especially if you're new to a class etc. Keep in mind that a meta build will not instantly make you amazing, you do need to learn how to play it. Also be aware that build rating on the site is based upon community rating, and so may not be entirely accurate, however it's a very nice resource.

Link: http://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki

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Not all meta builds are necessarily fully optimal for even the role they're supposed to perform; some use rotations that are far simpler based on the mentality that it's better for people to pull off a 90% optimal build fully, rather than use a 100% optimal build to only 70% of its potential. One of the requirements of a meta build is that it must be useable by nearly any kind of player.


The Elementalist Staff 2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 build would probably be one of the best examples of this. On the flip side the highest possible DPS on engineers from Rifle-Healturret-Bomb-Toolkit-Elixir Gun tends to not make its way into any meta, because its required skill floor is too high for it to ever be used widely.


And then there's non-standard uses of classes that generally never make their ways into meta builds.

It's a good starting area for the most common purposes, but after a while once you get used to the class you may want to mix up your weapon sets, utilities, runes and whatnot to better suit the specific purposes you use it for. You may also wish to carry more than one weapon set in order to shift to be more optimal in the content you're playing at the time, since it's generally impossible for one build to be the best at everything there can possibly be.


Finally, remember that not every player is equal. Some PvP builds require relatively low ping to use at max effect, which may be unsuitable for any player living in OCE, for instance - and some dungeon builds with limited support assume your party is capable of providing permanent Fury/25 Might uptime, which is nearly never the case in PuG groups. Even if there is a 'better' build, if for whatever reason you are unable to fully employ it, it's better to switch to something you can use to its best effect, than to suboptimally use a 'perfect' build.

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