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Ivan Truthe

[Guardian Condition: Wurm] Project: Condi Guardian

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WIP Build




In order to use this build properly, you must be close to the Husk as much as possible doing as many hits as possible while swap weapons whenever the cooldown is done. Every 3 hits you will apply burning and every time you swap weapons, you will apply 3 stacks of bleed and poison.  You can maintain burning, poison, and 6 stacks of bleed permanently if done properly.


Before engaging a husk, make sure you start with greatsword.  Reason for this is because the greatsword has a unique condi skill.  This still is Binding Blade.  Normally people will use this to pull in mobs. However, if you do not use the pull skill, it will do damage over time for 10 secs.  This damage scales with condition damage and ignores armor.  At the condi cap for wurms, it does roughly 296-312 damage


Start off by engaging a husk with Leap of Faith.  This will blind the husk and hopefully prevent you from taking heavy damage.  Follow up with a Binding Blade. Swap to scepter/torch and follow up with Smite and/or Cleansing Flame to help apply burning.  Use Chains of Light and/or Signet of Wrath to control the Husk as needed.  Swap back to greatsword and use Whirling Whirl to keep burning going and use Binding Blades whenever it is off cooldown (usually two swaps).


More details will be made later as I flesh out the build.



Note: These videos are far from perfect, but shows that guardians are capable of doing condi just like any class if equipped properly.






Alternatively, you can substitute Scepter/Torch for a Hamme, then put 4 points into Valor to get Glacial Heart.

The launch from Banish is good if you don't have any pulls, Ring of Warding is great as well and you inflict chills from normal attacks because of Glacial Heart.

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*skips over everything and doesn't bother to read*


Ivan, this will never happen. This will not be a thing. CONDI GUARDS ARE MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES, THEY DON'T AND SHOULDN'T EXIST lest we suddenly break all the laws of physics and destroy any hope for mankind on this earth.

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Alternatively, you can substitute Scepter/Torch for a Hammer, then put 4 points into Valor to get Glacial Heart.

The launch from Banish is good if you don't have any pulls, Ring of Warding is great as well and you inflict chills from normal attacks because of Glacial Heart.

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I ran this last night and had some thoughts

First, my experience was a little unusual: we had 4 people who were new to condi, including 1 who was new to the wurm entirely (!). 2 guardians, 1 necro, and 1 ele, to go with the experienced necro leading us. We went to Amber, and were generally pulling all 3 husks together into one group.

Survivability was a problem. I downed I think 5 times during the fight (never defeated). Having only 8s of stab and none of the other defensive skills (or even vigor!) that I'm used to caused real problems versus 3 husks.

With only 2 necros for pulling, I became a puller. This wasn't supposed to happen. That said, it seemed to work out well enough. The husks usually got far enough to stay out of people's way. But it reduces DPS to have to use Binding Blade for the pull, so it's definitely suboptimal and should be avoided in the future.

Tome of Wrath was useless to me. The burning on 1 isn't needed (and while it's in use there's no weapon swaps for other condis), and the other skills aren't worth the time cost of using them. I would have been much better off with Renewed Focus for survivability.

I didn't think of it at the time, but how close to/how far over the condi damage cap is this build? Signet of Wrath active is a 5.5s immobilize, and that seems more useful than the 180 condi damage increase. I never activated it, but perhaps I should have.

The husks had 100% burning uptime, but I didn't see just how much over 100% uptime they were.

Now, some potential changes.

Radiance VI (blind applies vuln) instead of Radiance III (burn at 25% health). Theoretically you shouldn't be triggering Radiance III because you shouldn't be at low health, and I don't think the extra source of burning was at all necessary.

Along with that, I would consider Focus instead of Torch. With Radiance VI, it'll apply 6 stacks of long-lasting vulnerability, plus add some much-needed survivability. The question is whether you can keep 100% burning uptime without Torch 4. I think it should be possible, but it needs real world testing.

Does Zeal IX have any effect on condition damage? I haven't tested, but my intuition says it doesn't. I'd swap for Zeal I for more vuln.

Nothing in this build is triggering on crit, so it might be good to have Dire gear instead of Rabid.

Based on the husk's attack pattern, I'd prefer the larger heal of Signet of Resolve over the block of Shelter. They're not attacking fast enough to really run through my defenses--when I'm hit, it's because I messed up and didn't even try to defend. This one could be more personal preference though.

And as mentioned before, Renewed Focus instead of Tome of Wrath.

Here's a build editor link for these changes: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fVAQNAR7dl0ApZotCxSI8DNR8Ql5Y0iW+BvQ1BwD8oA-TxRHwABuCAsU/5uSwO6GA8QAOq8by+DkCAmlVA-e

As I was writing this, I logged in to check some things and ended up right at setup for a pretty-well organized pug run going for a single decap of cobalt. I joined condi for that too and had a slightly different experience. Most importantly, with only one husk in my area and no vet wurms to deal with (thanks to the awesome hiding spot at cobalt north!) it was a lot easier to stay alive. On the other hand, with people who don't know what they're doing aggroing your husks, it's a lot harder to keep control of them (shocking!).

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6 Vulnerability doesn't do much, since +6% damage on a very high toughness target improves damage per second by at most two digit numbers. Given how vulnerability appeared again in Radiance VI, I would recommend against doing either. If vulnerability reduced target toughness by some amount it would have been useful, but how the code functions is merely to add (x stacks * 1%) additional direct damage - so it's not useful on very high toughness targets. Conversely, having high vulnerability on low defense mobs is very useful. I know it flies in the face of the definition of the word 'vulnerability' which implies some form of armor penetration value, but that's how the situation currently is.


No, Zeal IX does not affect condition damage. All of these weapon damage traits affect the damage dealt by the weapon - condition damage in the game ignores your weapon, and is tied directly to you - weapon base damage is irrelevant, changing weapons is irrelevant unless it changes your condition damage/duration values, and the specific source whereby you applied it is also irrelevant. Condition duration is factored only at the point of application, so applying a condition and swapping a weapon to one with a +x% duration sigil for instance does not change the length of existing conditions.


Agreed on the Dire modification. Even if a S.Sigil.Earth was taken instead, a single sigil does not justify speccing so much precision.




The scepter-torch set's main purpose seems to be the burning of t4 and the immob of sc3. You can get identical uptime on immob with h3, the defiance-removing h5, launch/defiance remover h4 and h2 blast finisher. For burnphases do not autoattack with a hammer - just use h2, then camp gs AA and whirl until burn ends.


The replacement for burning uptime would be spirit weapons - the sword spirit weapon attacks every 2.5 seconds to burn for 1.5, which should do well in combination with aegis-burn and VoJburn, and that is amped to 1.8 out of 2.5 by Smoldering sigils. The improvement to burn uptime should outweigh having an additional poison effect; the bleed effect is far more significant than the poison one. Perplexity runes add additional confusion when the husks attack you, and timing your GS5 pull/H4 launch well will add additional confusion relatively regularly, which can be useful together with retaliation - especially after 27 Jan's 33% confusion buff. Shelter is kept for more aegisburn.


Combo wise, the GS whirl is used with Purging flames for more burning, the GS leap is used with the wrath symbol for even more retaliation, and hammer 2 on hammer's AA symbol is used for... even more retaliation. It's preferable to use GS5 for its passive damage and break the chain only as it's about to expire to deplete defiance stacks, relying instead on hammer 4 for moving the husks. It's possible to use the GS leap for fire aura instead, but I expect at this point for retaliation uptime to be the limiting factor of the build rather than burning uptime.


The core ideas, however, are identical to the initial post's.



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Sorry for the late reply!  I've been waiting to test a few things before I made a reply so that I could see if any improvements could be made. 


In terms of going down during fights, I think that depends on how experience you are at dealing with wurms and husk.  Even some of the best condi people go down in chaotic situations, so in order to address this, I would have to see exactly how you play.


In general, if someone is not pulling/cannot pull, it is better to start controlling the husk with immobs.  The pulls is more or less the initial move to help get the husk out the way and should not be relied on for more than that.  Do not waste Binding Blade for a pull in this situation.  If you choose to use the hammer variation of this, you can always use Banish to help move the husk out the way.  It is HIGHLY effective.


Tome of Wrath is not meant to use against husk.  Yes, it does have burning and retaliation which could help with husk, but It's purpose is to help during the burn phases.  Many people do not know that Tome of Wrath has an AoE Quickness and can apply a lot of might to others.  You can always swap it for Renewed Focus if you need to survive.


Not 100% sure about Signet of Wrath  going over the condi cap as my current set up does not go over the cap naturally.  I will give it a test but if it is like mesmer's, it should.  Signet of Wrath does have a double purpose though which is to help with immobilizing the husk. Activate it when husk are out of control.


For traits, your suggestions are fine. For Radiance VI vs Radiance III, the extra vulnerability is nice, but amount of damage you get from it is not sufficient considering even with a lot of vulnerability the damage does not compare to condi damage. The  burning at this threshold is for emergency situations. It is not mean to be used for primary source of burning.  It is for situations for when you are overwhelmed by a lot of mobs and need help for killing them/trying to rally.  It helps a lot.

Valid point about focus over torch.  The reason I chose Torch is because of the burning damage and the fact that it can condi cleanse from allies.  Wurms and/or pirate apply nasty condi on you that if it goes unchecked, can kill you very easily.

You can switch Zeal IX for Zeal I for more vulnerability. I would go with the 10% damage because in phase 2, the wurm is going to have 25 stacks of vulnerability pretty much at all times.


You can switch to Dire if you wish for survivability.  This is build is more or less for people to quickly grab gear and not worry about grinding for gear.  One reason I like Rabid over Dire is because it allows me to use food such as Omnonberry Pie for life stealing on crit. Seeing as there is condi is capped, life steal can easily supplement condi damage. 


Healing skill is pretty much preference.  Shelter is useful for situations where you can not dodge and need to protect yourself.   There is a trait that burns on block, but didn't include it in this version of the build.  Signet of Resolve is nice for passive condi cleanse and snap healing when health is low.  If you go this route, trait for signet cooldown as it will also help with Signet of Wrath.


Thank you for trying out the build! The feedback is much appreciated!





Like stated before, valid point. You can switch Rabid for Dire.  This build is for people to quickly pick up gear.  Rabid is quick and easy to pick up.  However, if you do use Dire, I would also suggest switching to Giver's weapons and swapping a few traits around. More later when I make an alternative build.


For S/T vs Hammer, you are correct.  One thing you missed is that torch 5 will cleanse condi which can very easily plague the condi team.


Spirits weapons can work, however they die way too easily and don't provide situational support.  I wouldn't rely on them for burning. As far as rune, it much like any other rune that gives you additional condi.  If you go this route, I would suggest changing weapons to Giver's. However, with the runes of perplexity, I wouldn't rely on the interrupt.  Guardians do not have enough CCs to make it valuable.


And good observations about combos.  I will note it in my update of the first post.  One thing I will say is that you should be switching your weapon before the duration of Binding Blade is finished...so not sure about using it to clear defiance. As I like to say, husk should be primarily controlled with immobs.

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Not 100% sure about Signet of Wrath  going over the condi cap as my current set up does not go over the cap naturally.  I will give it a test but if it is like mesmer's, it should.  Signet of Wrath does have a double purpose though which is to help with immobilizing the husk. Activate it when husk are out of control.

It goes over the condi cap. :)

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Gonna try this out! Just recently feel in Love with guardian for some reason ! and now i believe i have a reason to try and screw up !!!!!!!!!!! Heard Condi Guardian is something only skilled guardians can do!!!!!!! 

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