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GW2 Council

Holiday Raids Channel

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Hi all, leaders have discussed and will allow for this to happen with a few conditions:

  • Raids will need to happen in the raid channel, you can poke a leader to open the channel for you if it is not already open. Note that a leader won't be required to be in the channel with you while running an unofficial event. However, if the primary raid channels are in use, the Holiday Raids channels, will be locked.
  • Leaders will also be able to assist if you require Commander Chat 
  • If there is another event on lead by a leader (e.g. guild missions, Teq, etc) it will take priority.
  • Remember that TTS etiquette should be observed at all times, even though it is an unofficial run, it is on a TTS resource and therefore TTS etiquette still applies.
  • TTS Members ONLY are allowed to request and lead these unofficial runs. 
  • The HR email will be in the channel description should you require it. 
  • If this turns into BB 2.0, and we receive complaints of toxicity and negative behavior, all of the above will be revoked immediately

Lastly, we wish to reiterate that this is PRIMARILY for the holiday break, and as such will be restricted to commanders when the holiday break concludes.




TTS GW2 Council.

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Hey guys, here's my personal opinion on how you should go about things if you're stepping up to map-lead



  1. Assess your numbers, if you have 40 people in the channel, this is your bare minimum number.
  2. Start searching for maps. Maps with very few people, or asset counts lower than 75, are prime pickings.
  3. Once you've established a map, get your fellow commanders on the map.
  4. Once you have your commanders on the map, start taxiing people in


  1. Once you have a majority of your members on the map, begin to establish your map by setting up your defense parties, etc.
  2. After you've ensured your map has functioning defences, turrets, and an ERT - proceed to do what you wish, AKA Champ Farm, etc.
  3. Don't forget to do your explanation! I would recommend by the :50 minute mark.



  1. Assess your numbers. 120 is the bare minimum, assuming you don't have 1337 pro's.
  2. Begin finding a map that will allow your entire group of people to enter the map. It has to be very empty, or close to empty. 
  3. If you can't find an empty map - do a tent check and see which one has the most of your active, listening members on it!
  4. Once you have 120 people on the map, perform your AFK check by sending them to Necro Hill, or The Guild World Symbol, etc.


  1. Begin establishing your map.
  2. Ask for a Condition leader to tag up purple.
  3. Ask for a Reflect leader to tag up purple.
  4. Ensure that both of these teams have the magic number of 15.
  5. Begin the class split. Ask people to move into their class stacks by showing them the locations of each class, etc.
  6. Being evenly splitting the three piles, per class, and ensure that each wurm is receiving an equal amount of each class.
  7. After you've split all of the classes, ask your fellow commanders how many people they currently have on their pile. Even them up to your best ability.
  8. Drop your food (if you have it) and move into each of your channels.
  9. Begin your explanation as you're moving to the wurm.


  1. The goal of the fight is to get each wurm into a critical phase (2-5 percent health remaining) at this point, you need to sync your decapitations up, as you only have one minute from the first decapitation.
  2. Have Amber wurm signal when they are inside the wurm. At this point, trigger all of the other burns (Crimson and Cobalt) and ensure that each are going to be able to carry this out, BEFORE HAVING AMBER DECAP. It's necessary for the decapitations to be synced.
  3. Ambers go-time is generally 1:40 seconds, Crimsons is 1:30, and Cobalt can wait until 1:20 based on the spawn. 
  4. After all are de-capped, phase two begins. It's a DPS check, you've got two minutes.


Goodluck guys! This is a VERY BASIC, opinionated guide as to how you should do this. Goodluck.

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Gregtip: You can run teq with about 10, but you need to substitute the 30 others with some form of alcoholic beverage


AilarinTip: Showing up to the raid drunk already, is probably a pretty good idea too.



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