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Triple Trouble: Reflect Calling

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New Reflect Caller Guide

I noticed there were excellent guides for reflecting, but since new reflect callers don't volunteer all the time, we don't really have a repository of caller knowledge. After I have helped train several new callers, I figured someone should write this information down. And Evers wrote his very excellent picflect guide and kind of inspired this post.

Before calling

Check that your framerate and connection are adequate

Your game should not be lagging. Your Teamspeak ping (found in Connection Info) should ideally be under 150ms, if it is over 300ms you might have problems calling. Your framerate (available from Overwolf, for example) should ideally be over 25fps; if you have less than 10-15fps, you might have problems calling.

To improve the framerate, reduce the number of processes running on your computer, and set graphical options in the game to maximum performance.

To improve the connection, reduce the number of clients running on your computer. Close any YouTube or other streaming site tabs, make sure you are not downloading or uploading anything (including but not limited to Torrent).

If these steps do not resolve the issue, unfortunately, your system might not support you being a caller. Keep this in mind: the signal has a long way to travel, and all of these stations need to be hit within approximately a second and a half or eggs will come out and make problems for the raid:

  • wurm animation starts on GW2 server
  • data packet, from server to your GW2 client
  • image, from monitor to your eye,
  • neural signal, from eye to visual cortex
  • the neural signal gets processed and recognised
  • neural signal, from motor cortex to speech centers
  • voice, from voice box to your microphone
  • voice gets encoded by TeamSpeak
  • data packet, from your TeamSpeak clients to the TS server
  • same data packet, from TS server to teammates TS clients
  • sound, from speakers to reflectors' ears
  • neural signal, from ears to auditory cortex
  • the neural signal gets processed and recognised
  • neural signal, from motor cortex to their finger
  • data packet, from reflectors' GW2 clients to GW2 server
  • casting time

This also means it is extremely hard for Elementalists, Thieves and Engineers (professions with slow casting time, hereafter "slow reflects", with no slight intended against the people who wield them!) to reflect on call, and should learn the animations for themselves as soon as possible.


When you gather your reflect team, you should inspect it for any possible points of failure, and adjust the team structure accordingly. The most obvious one is new(ish) reflectors; additional concerns are overabundance of certain classes. In the order of importance:

  • Wherever possible, new(ish) reflectors should be paired with veteran reflectors
  • Otherwise, whenever possible, Elementalists, Thieves and Engineers (slow reflects) should be paired with other professions (fast reflects)
  • Otherwise, whenever possible, Guardians and Thieves (line reflects) should be paired with other professions (bubble reflects)
  • Otherwise, pair up reflectors in any way that is convenient for the caller, mostly in relation to the Party display (e.g. top two vs. bottom two, outer two vs. inner two etc.)

If the team composition is really bad - three or more new(ish) reflectors, three or more non-pro slow reflect members (Engi/Ele/Thief), three or more non-pro line reflect members (Thief/Guard) or similar - you might consider asking other wurm reflect teams if you can trade members.

Before, the usual practice was to have a primary team and a backup team; thus, reflectors would have preferences about which team they wished to be on. The current practice is to call upon teams in balance, simply calling the team that did not reflect just previously (unless otherwise warranted, as noted below); this leaves the team composition concerns as the only deciding factor.

"Team One" and "Team Two" are the usual way to refer to the subteams. Veteran reflect teams might give nicknames to subteams; this increases the mental load, and is not encouraged if the party has new(ish) reflectors, or a reflect caller.


A caller should be comfortable using the Teamspeak. There are certain callers that use text-to-speech engines, there are many more that just speak, but whether it's your own voice or a synthesized one, you should never think twice about using it. Callers need to keep their reflectors, their leader and their zerg informed at all times, and to do that they have to be present on Teamspeak without delay or hesitation. In particular, the zerg leader will be talking the whole time during the raid, and you have to talk over him. "Waiting your turn", while polite, will fail the raid. When it is time to announce something, and that time is measured in deciseconds (tenths of a second), it has to be announced, whatever the zerg leader is saying at the time. Caller's announcements take precedence.

Conversely, if the zerg leader is busy explaining something, directing something, or otherwise sounds harried, keep the announcements short. It's fine to joke when there is not too much action, but remember that many people will increase your volume to hear you better, and you will drown out the leader. Be sure that your Power of Drowning Out is used for Good.

Most of the zerg, if they know the animations, will know them for their effect. Big spin smashes in a big radius; small spin smashes in a small radius and spits out deadly saliva; egg and husk spits look like spitting. However, the caller needs to recognise each animation from their very first half-second or so, where they look very different. It is of no use to anyone if you call spits or spins when they are already happening. These are rough descriptions of each called animation's start:

  • Large spin: the wurm straightens up high, and starts swinging towards its right (zerg's left)
  • Small spin: the wurm coils down towards its left (zerg's right)
  • Egg/husk spit: the wurm doubles up, quickly dipping its head down and to its right (zerg's left), as if it is coughing or having stomach ache

There are also a couple of animations that callers typically don't call: roar, swallow (amber, cobalt), spit zerg (amber). Roar is just not of any interest; the rest come at specific times, and zerg leaders can predict when they will happen.

All the wurms will start off their run with a large spin to destroy the pillar. Amber will then gobble up the fake abomination. You should direct your first team to readiness during this animation (large spin for Cobalt and Crimson, Abom chomp for Amber).

Crimson does not fall down immediately when the burn notice comes up, be sure to consider the possibility that it is hot until it actually does fall down. Amber's burn sequence is as follows:

  • swallow the zerg
  • do one animation
  • spit the zerg
  • do one animation
  • fall down

Amber can also spit right after burn; consider Amber hot a bit earlier than when it stands up, especially if you have a Mesmer in the active subteam. Other wurms will typically do a large spin after the burn.

Apart from these head-specific rules and the spit cooldown times, there are no discernible patterns regarding the animation sequencing. There are no guidelines of the form "egg spits come after X". Callers have to recognise each animation by its tell. When you see the tell for the spit (wurm doubles down and to the side), yell your reflect cry immediately ("Reflect" / "Walls" / whatever else - but be sure to tell the team beforehand if it is not one of the standard calls). Then, watch the wurm. In case of eggs, you will see nothing coming out of the wurm, or you will see small bubbles flying off and (hopefully) disappearing very soon as they hit the reflect barriers. In case of husks, you will see large husk-bubbles flying off and landing.

There are two main positions you can take as a reflect caller:

  • Inside wurm, together with all non-Mesmer reflectors. This option allows you to both call and reflect at the same time. If your team has many new(ish) reflectors, it may be a good idea to assume this position and join the weaker team. Tilt your camera 45 degrees downward, and zoom out as much as possible (when close to the wurm, you get the ability to zoom out more than usual). This should let you see the wurm head.
  • At the Mesmer reflect position if Mesmer, or outside the large spin circle if not. Mesmers can reflect and call comfortably from this position. The benefit is better visibility, particularly when looking at what came out (or did not come out) from a wurm spit, and offers a fair bit more survivability. In non-Mesmer cases, callers should be ready to use a gap closer in case of problems to help them reach the reflect position.

Do not call "Team Two, reflect!", "Aaaaand... reflect!" or similar. Team two should already know it is their turn, and the other one is just useless waste of deciseconds.

As much as possible, keep your ears open for information from your team. Especially when they are ready for reflect, they should not waste time on typing, and some situations (e.g. "reflect blown") need to be communicated quickly - and voice is fastest. Some reflectors however do not have voice, so the caller should keep an eye on chat as well.

Cold Wurm vs Hot Wurm

Most guides will tell you that egg cooldown is about 40s, and the husk cooldown is around 90s. What this means in practice, at least for me, is the following:

The wurm is either cold (it has been less than approximately 30s since the last egg spit, or the wurm is lying down and getting burn) or hot (more than 30s since last egg spit). You can measure the time since the last egg spit by number of wurm animations, or use a skill on your bar that you know the cooldown time for, and won't use accidentally for other purposes during calling. You can relax on cold wurm, and so can your team. You should be ready at all times on hot wurm, and have a subteam ready to reflect (except at the very first ~5-10s, grace time for the activated team to get into position). Try to avoid having a subteam ready when wurm is cold: it increases tension when it is not necessary, it increases the chances they will blow the reflect cooldown on a husk spit or on an error, and it increases the chances they will miss a dodge and get knocked off the position by a spin.

  • If husks got out, announce it for the condi team, then immediately call the next team to readiness. You may dawdle a bit if you are sure the wurm is cold.
  • If eggs were spat out, and it seemed that eggs might have gotten out by the animation, look around you for traces of eggs landing (hold Ctrl and pan around). The easiest eggs to miss are those to the right of the Wurm. If they did, announce it to the zerg leader. The wurm is now cold; wait 30s before you send in the other team.
  • If you see (or are told) that one member of the active subteam has blown their reflect, or went down, take a conservative look at whether the wurm is cold (assume hot unless you are sure it is not). If it is cold, call in the other team. If it is hot, have faith that the other subteam member will get it right, or if you have confidence you can call and reflect at the same time, get ready to reflect yourself.
  • If you see (or are told) that both members of the active subteam are down or on cooldown, activate the other subteam regardless of the wurm status. If the other team has a downed member too, you must go in yourself.
  • You may rez downed zerglings near you, and you should try to rez your teammates. If teammates are far from you, you can announce it to the zerglings instead; they will typically help resurrect reflectors. But your first priority is keeping eyes on the wurm, calling animations and team switches. Don't forget to dodge (or block) if you rez when over an orange circle.

I cannot stress the word "immediately" in the first case strongly enough. The egg spit can (and often does) come just after husk spit, and getting into position takes time. "That was husks; Team Two up!" is good enough.

Try to keep record of which subteam is standing ready. Some people will type it into team chat at each change. Some people will use extra fingers to record the current subteam. Some people just have good memory. If you forget which team is ready:

  • Ask which subteam went last, or
  • Tell a team you know for sure to be off-cooldown to get ready; use this option only when wurm is cold. This option is often available during the burn.

During the burn, make sure a subteam is activated while the wurm is still lying down. Repeat who the active subteam is even if one is already active. If one of the subteams has problems (husk stun, half health or less...), choose the other team; the burn is long enough for all the reflect skills to cool down. In other words, during the burn, there is no "wrong subteam" - pick whoever you think is in a better situation to reflect next. Outside of the burn, try to keep sudden changes to a minimum except when disaster strikes the active subteam.

If you see lots of veteran wurms or husks hanging around the wurm, announce it to the zerg leader or condi team, respectively, then get back to calling.

If you get downed, ask the zerg to resurrect you, then get back to calling. While hardly comfortable, you can (and must) call even while dead.

At last burn, disband your team in order to participate in Phase 2 on equal ground with everyone else. Be sure it is the last burn though (i.e. the wurm is already dead, or commander has announced the last burn).

Also note that veteran reflectors all know the animations themselves, so the spit calls are less critical when directing a veteran team. However, the subteam activation must come from the caller (unless the team itself agrees otherwise), and remains a critical part of reflect calling at any skill level. A caller should never forget to have a ready subteam activated on a hot wurm.

Call Training

The core skill of a reflect caller is recognising the wurm animations as soon as possible. To this end, there are several things a prospective caller can do in order to train for it:

  • Observe the wurm from afar. You can do this on a non-organised map by completing the escort; you can then observe one of the heads in action.
  • Observe the Jungle Wurm, a world boss in north Caledon Forest. It does not spit, but you can get used to many of the other wurm animations there.
  • Watch YouTube videos of the wurm raids.
  • Best option, in my opinion: Participate in a reflect team as a reflector. While doing so, observe the wurm, and try to call each animation silently to yourself before your caller does. When you can do this consistently, you are ready to be a caller yourself. (Given the "signal travel" described above, you have the advantage in this "duel", and given equal skill should beat the remote caller every time.)

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Useful guide which i wish i read before my first reflect calling today at TT :P

We can pair you up with experienced callers, so you wouldn't feel the pressure of failing. Most leaders are experienced enough callers, you can try calling for Crimson first, since the leader leading Crimson can see the animations best out of the 3 wurms. 

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I'd advocate actually calling out the animations to practice, rather than silently thinking it. It may take some time to get used to it. Just make sure TS is on PTT mode, then call without pressing the button. Your reflect calls in the way should always be before the caller you're shadowing - if it's even at the same time, your call would already have been too slow for the 0.5s chargetime reflectors.

Reflect callers should ideally be able to soloflect - in cases when all reflectors are new, you can prevent eggs escaping while still giving them room to learn. Remember that letting eggs out is actually a minor problem as the comms can usually take care of it. The worst thing you can do as a reflect caller is to discourage people from trying reflects - in debriefs or during the raid, while it's important to state what can be improved, you must never overdo it until people feel too discouraged to even try. We want more people to learn, to get involved, for raids to go smoothly.

Soloflecting, and thus 'maxed' calling, can be done on any class except the necro, though the ranger must carry flamethrower consumable kits to do it. You don't have to be able to do this to start calling, but it's a useful goal to strive towards. Veteran callers normally use guardians or mesmers for this reason as they're the two easiest classes to soloflect in.

My ping is high so I rarely call unless nobody else volunteers first, since the 'slow' reflects generally are too late if they wait for me.

Lastly, remember that your commander is there for you. Their main job is to trigger burnphases, but if you run into any problems, like 6-headed veteran jungle hydras spawning on the reflect zone, it's helpful at times to ask them for support - especially at Cobalt, where they can sometimes be quite far away. It's better to ask early and get help that isn't really necessary, than have 5 downed reflectors while 9 eggs exit.

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Hey guys, I've wanted to try to reflect call for a while but can't always get the cooldowns right for eggs/husk.

So I've been thinking of making some sort of app to keep track of cooldowns. 1 of 2 buttons to press after spit animation, eggs or husks. So you can check for future spits if it's eggs, husks, or both, and can call for reflects only if eggs are possible. 

Anyone think this would be at all useful, at least for new callers?

Probably going to be a web app so could be used on a mobile device or a separate monitor 




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Go ahead, whatever ideas you got (not limited to Tequatl and Wurm), you go for it, you can display it here on the forums for people to try out. If you want feedback on the apps, you can start your own thread. 

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