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TTS Dungeon Night

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Hey guys! I know this has been a long time coming but we’re going to be starting a weekly dungeon night for TTS!  We are going to be hosting regularly scheduled dungeon runs each week for fun and profit.


Missing a path for that dungeon master achievement?


We will be slowly working through all dungeons. Some of the weeks will be designated as, for example, Sorrow’s Embrace week. On that week we’ll be doing every single path of Sorrow’s Embrace - yes even the rarely done ones and including story mode! If you’re missing just one path, or many, for a dungeon this would be a good chance to get it.


Looking for profit?


Interspersed with the dungeon-specific weeks we intend to have a few weeks of ‘profit’ dungeon night. There are certain paths of dungeons that are known for being fast and easy which give a decent profit. In about 2-3 hours you can run through several paths and make a significant profit. Saving up for that precursor? Hoping to get charged lodestones from CoE? All of that and more can be yours with this dungeon getaway.


But I’ve never done dungeons before… or maybe I’ve done them but not very many!


This is okay too! The idea here is to have fun. If you’re new or learning a new class or build, we can teach you. Maybe you know the ‘easy’ paths but have never done some of the lesser run paths. Maybe you really hate underwater combat but all you need is Honor of the Waves and then you have your title. Wherever you’re at, we’ll work with you. This is also a really great way to just hang out with your fellow TTS members and get to know them! Socialize with the people next to you in raids in a smaller group setting while making profit. Really what is there to lose?


Okay so how does it work?


The dungeons/paths being run will generally be set each week ahead of time. If you have feedback on how you’d like that to work, this thread is a great place to give that. Alternatively you can message me privately if you don’t want to post here.


On the designated nights the leader organizing it (generally this will be myself or Eury, but others may step in if my cats are successful in their plan to kill me) will open up the dungeon channel under our general events. Teamspeak is preferred for this but we’re not going to make it a requirement as I want everyone to feel welcome. If you are new to a dungeon you just need a way to get instructions.


When we know how many people we have for the night we will call for team leaders. These team leaders must know the dungeon path and also demonstrate patience and a willingness to teach them to others in the group. Team leads will then be randomly assigned members to fill out their group.


Wait, random? But I really want to run with [insert name here]!!!


I know, I know. I, too, want nothing more than to run with Ailarin. Who doesn’t? But we’re doing this randomly so that people get a chance to get to know each other. I promise that if you keep hanging out and doing runs with us that you’ll get to run with that person, and hey maybe by meeting people you wouldn’t have run with otherwise you’ll make new friends and meet some interesting people. Ultimately, if you want an organized run with specific people, we would encourage you to set that up during your own downtime.


But I absolutely cannot run AC without an elementalist!? What now!? PanicpanicpanicPANICPANIC!


Have faith, yo. We’ll make sure that the groups are viable. In general most people who have spoken to me or the other leaders about stepping up to help teach dungeons have multiple characters at 80 and can switch as needed.


Do I have to be level 80?


This is a casual event, so we’re not going to require 80. You do have to be at least the minimum level required for the dungeon. This means we won’t carry your level 18 thief through CM. Feel free to park outside and switch for the xp though!


Fine fine, so when is this happening anyway?


What a great question, fictional person with whom I am having this conversation. The runs will be happening on Friday UTC. This means it will happen on Thursday night after raids for NA folks and on Friday during the day after raids for EU folks.


NA runs - Friday UTC @ 2am (Thurs 6pm PST, 9pm EST)

EU runs - Friday UTC @ 6pm (Fri 10am PST, 1pm EST)


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them here. We are not currently looking for people to pre-emptively step up as dungeon leaders as the people in attendance may change from week to week. I also know that some people may be super familiar with one dungeon but not another, and this lets people who have a more narrow field of expertise have their chance to step up as well.


And yes that means that this will be starting this Thursday night at NA following raids! #hypehypehype

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Well, Iona, thank you for that conversation with Fictional Person.  Now let me introduce you to Hypothetical Being.


HB:  Geez, Eury, this all sounds great.  But in which sequence should we expect to run the dungeons?


Thank you for asking, HB.  Here is the order in which we plan to run the dungeons.  In.


Ascalonian Catacombs (AC) - 35

Caudecus' Manor (CM) - 45

Sorrow's Embrace (SE) - 65

Citadel of Flame (CoF) - 75

Crucible of Eternity (CoE) - 80

Honor of the Waves (HotW) - 78

Twilight Arbor (TA) - 55

Arah (Arah) - 81


These are generally in ascending order of required level, though the Aetherblades Path in TA screws that up somewhat (and yes, when we do TA, we will do Aetherblades, so BE READY).



HB:  So what's the dealio with these "money paths"? 


Thank you for asking such a well-phrased question, HB.  Generally, what we consider to be the profitable paths are:


AC 1/2/3

CM 1/3

SE 1/3

CoF 1/2

CoE 2/3 (some would include 1 here as well)

HotW 1

TA U (some would include F)



*Just kidding


Of course, no one is going to hold a tentacle to your head when you're doing the profit paths; your group can decide exactly which paths and in which order you want to do those.  The above are just guidelines for what many consider to be the biggest bucks for the time spent.



HB:  Um, moving away from tentacle talk if we can...I forgot my question


What a fantastic non-question, HB.  Please take a seat in the corner and don't come back.


If any of you out there have an actual question, please feel free to ask.  I reserve the right to respond with a complete non sequitur if possible.  Failing that, I may provide useful information.**


** Useful information not guaranteed.  Offer not valid in North Dakota.

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are we allowed to sell paths? Arah paths to be specific.




To further elaborate on what Sasu said, it's for socialization, fun, and completing dungeons. If you want to sell dungeons do it on your own time.

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are we allowed to sell paths? Arah paths to be specific.

I think you're missing the point of this..... we aren't setting anything up for people to profit off other members.  We're doing this to help teach them how to do dungeons....and learn from each other etc.  So in answer, definitely not.

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Aww, yeah. 


And Eury, your conversation with Hypothetical Being has opened up my eyes to incredible possibilities! I thank you for opening my eyes to my own Disembodied Voices! =D

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CMp2's fast as well, especially when the final boss is abused, and has more champ chests.

ACp2 has extra champs people usually skip, but they all actually have low hp.

TA F has a little known spot where you can dualkill 2 champions and is thus equally or more rewarding than TA U. I've been publicising it but it's still rarely done even within the speedrun community.

Class wise for speedruns, TA F, AC 1/3, CM 1-3, CoF 3 all need a thief or engi who knows how to stealthblast. Other than that any team combo can speedrun any dung. If clearing the dungeon any combo can do any.

Other than that, it might be good to pair Arah with another fast dung and run half-half, or do Arah over 2 weeks. Full 4 path arah + story takes easily 7 hours on an inexperienced group, which is longer than many can stay on GW2.

Arah p3 requires skill but is also considered as a speed dungeon by the speedrun community, unlike the others that have no skill req and merely require understanding the dungeon.

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I want to make it clear that none of this is intended to be speed run. Like. literally none. This is fun and helping people who are new and socializing and earning some gold. Just want to make sure people have proper expectations going in :)


Also we had no intentions of doing all 4 Arah paths in one night. That's just a very very rough idea of the general order we're doing them in.

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This was in reference to Eury's 'money path' post, not the original post. The OP I'm assuming to be full-clear except perhaps CM, unless people REALLY want to kill every mob there.

By speedrun also I refer to clearing events that drop chests/required for dung completion and running past the rest, not to attempting a speed record.

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No. I just mean the goal isn't "do this as fast as possible." People are going to make mistakes and be new. We're still going to do the traditional "skip mobs" way to run dungeons, but people shouldn't expect, for example, 10 minute paths.

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Somehow from the subtext I get the feeling that Iona's using 'speedrun' with a different meaning from mine, so to clarify we usually use it to refer to completing only tasks that give ground chest rewards, champion chests, or unlock a door, and skipping the rest either through stealth or just running until the aggro chain/tether breaks. The speedrun subcommunity always advertises as 'speed', 'speedrun' or 'skip' in LFG. Speedrunners do teach as well. The unwritten creed for this subcommunity is that people who are new should speak up so the others know teaching is necessary, and that people who are experienced bear the responsibility of ensuring the dungeon is always completed, switching classes if necessary. Many other players speedrun even though they don't identify as speedrunners, simply because it's the highest reward/time ratio. The opposite of a speedrun is a full clear, which involves killing everything in sight rather than skipping some.

The term 'speedrun' is used in two other contexts, of which one also known as 'record runs' are done with optimised parties for either an overall speed record, a youtube guide video or both. This group never appears on LFG and generally run in guilds. The opposite of a record run is a casual run, where timing is not a factor.

The final one with the negative connotation refers to the people who insist on berserker gear for every member with or without gear ping, AP checks, enforced lvl 80 minimum, specific classes and are generally not very tolerant of mistakes. They generally advertise as exp only, 80s only, heavies only, ping zerk gear or 'no noobs' in LFG. We prefer calling them 'elitists' rather than 'speedrunners' to disambiguate. The opposite of an elitist run is a tutorial run, done by some people specifically for teaching new players, and usually involves 1-2 teachers and 3-4 students, usually new players.

From the follow up posts I'm assuming what is being referred to is relaxed tutorial speedruns. This term thing is why we replied to 'no speedrun' with the question 'do you mean clearing all mobs', since some people also specifically do full clears - for t6s in CoE, for linen+silk in CM, etc.

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This is an event to promote socialization as well as profitable learning experience for all who participate. The participants will include new players, and experience ones, so if you are looking for a quick speed runs please look somewhere else on your own time. The idea came from me and I asked the leaders if they would be interested because many like myself would love to run more dungeons and learn the dungeon as well. So we have this particular mindset. We are not promoting speed runs we are not promoting Arah path sales either. This event is strictly for players to increase their gold and learn the dungeons and HAVING FUN. Be prepare to die repeatedly and laugh at ourselves...be prepared to bring food items...be prepared for easy going slow runs. So hopefully this clears up any confusion.. lets have some fun and increase our gold!

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