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OCE Change of Events Calendar

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HI Everyone,


OCE is excited to announce that we have changed things up and changed the calendar around. We will be trialing a new plan where we rotate some of the events each week.


As always the calendar can be viewed at http://ttsgamers.com/event-calendar


So overall the calendar will be :

Monday: Path of Fire Events (Rotating each week )

Tuesday: Change around Tuesday (Events may include Current Events, Fractals, Dungeons, Community Suggested or some other fun thing we come up with at the time)

Wednesday: Heart of Thorns Events (Rotating between Dragon Stand and King of the Jungle)

Thursday: Classic Events - Tequatl, Karka Queen, Triple Trouble, Shatterer

Sundays: Training Raids


As always we welcome any feedback that the community has on this.


This change will start as of Monday 12th February.


See you in game soon,


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