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Commodore Freir

[NA Static] Spork Specialists Recruiting

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Spork Specialists (TTS)
is looking for more members for our weekly raid boss kills!



Our core team needs:

  • A healing druid with interest in kiting, pushing, etc.


We are a NA-based group that currently runs 2 hour raid sessions, twice a week on Monday & Wednesday beginning at 2:45am server time (9:45pm EST/6:45pm PST). Before replying, please carefully assess whether or not this time slot is convenient for you.  Monday's we typically cover Wing 1-4 all bosses except end bosses.  Wednesday we either attempt Wing 5, or the end bosses of Wing 1-4 depending on the teams preference.



Our requirements


General experience


Broadly, we’re looking for players who are familiar with all bosses and their mechanics in Raid Wings 1-4 (training runs can count). We will accept those with less experience but you will be expected to research encounters in advance and pick up the fights quickly. 



Communication and responsiveness


When we raid, we use the TTS TeamSpeak for voice communications. Being able to speak during raids is mandatory, though being a chatterbox is optional. Throughout the week, we use Slack for ready checks and communications and require all members to have this (either on desktop or mobile) and respond regularly.  Note that you will need an invite by email to access this channel. 



Honesty and respect


We’re all human, we all make mistakes, and lag/disconnects are a part of gaming. Members are expected to be honest with each other and maintain a respectful environment, especially during the stress of raiding. This also includes respect for the time each of us puts into the group, by showing up on schedule and communicating when this isn’t possible. AKA don't be a jerk and stuff.



Knowledge and initiative


We’re all learners and eventually hope to progress as a team through all of the raids the game offers. We expect that everyone who runs with us will bring the proper builds and at least a basic understanding of their roles. Outside of our raid sessions, it may be helpful to practice on the DPS golem, ask other raiders for help, read/watch guides, raid with other groups, and stay up to date on the recognized meta. Depending on your classes, you can expect to be asked to learn certain special roles or take on small responsibilities as needed for specific fights.


We look for measurable progress as we become more familiar with each boss and the team’s strategies. While we emphasize mechanics and adaptability over pure numbers, we have a high standard for consistency from week to week.


It is beneficial for every raider to be familiar with different roles in a team. We expect you to have at least two classes or roles that you can raid with competently, and expanding your abilities over time is highly encouraged.


Major roles:


(FILLED) DPS: Weaver, Firebrand/Dragonhunter, Soulbeast, Mirage, Holosmith, Scourge (yes scourge, for certain fights only) are all good current choices. Will be expected to have a power and a condi option to cover all fights.

Healer: Druid or Elementalist (situational).

(FILLED) Chronomancer: Tank or Secondary.

(FILLED) Warrior banner slave.




We want the majority of our members to run with a fairly predictable schedule and a strong commitment to the regular sessions, barring occasional real-life situations. For those that are interested in raiding with us but are uncertain about consistent attendance, you may volunteer as a regular sub, and will be given priority when we need to fill a spot due to an absence.



How to join


If you think our group and our times are a good match for you, reply here, PM on Slack, or send an in-game mail to "distantfire.1436". Please include your account name, what roles you can fill and your general raiding experience, along with your interest, either as core member or filler.


*** This post shameless copy/pasted from Trindine. ***


Edited by Commodore Freir

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