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I've been scouring Anet and the game to see if anyone has thought about building a library of all books collected from content since first login. Of course there should be some drawbacks:

Level 80

Account Bound - Unfortunately we can't share like a pokedex which would be messed up and pretty much breed unnecessary competition to say I have more "knowledge" than you


Should not be limited to the home instance, rather be portable to read in beautiful spots in Tyria away from the noise....

Should it parse the wiki, or be more like PoF (n.b. the fonts can't be changed in terms of size and "dimension" so Tyrians discriminate large print on high res systems :( )

It would be too herculean a task to "shelve" the books like in a Bethesda game, or codex them like a Bioware game.



What about "letters", "notes/writs", and anything that has written texts like the posters, graffiti, and environmental objects? How relevant would those be in collecting texts across Tyria? How would they be sorted? Can you sort and bookmark them? Will an index be made? Can we do a search? How granulated will this library system be?



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I would love something like this.

Especially if they add everything back that I deleted because I don't have room to keep all the books and such we've received over the years...

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