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Hi All,


I've been playing GW2 for more than 4 years now, mostly doing PVE stuff alone or with pugs, though I have tried a few different guilds, looking for a good fit, and I hope that TTS will be the end of my searching.  I have been hoping to find a guild that actively works toward making this game more fun to play, by incorporating group play and teaching.  I think that many players wish to learn how to play more than one profession well, and/or how to maximize the effectiveness of their play on their main character.  TTS seems to me to be one of the few guilds that cares about training players how to be more effective at many different parts of this huge GW2 gaming experience.


Even though I have over 6,000 hours of logged playing time on GW2, I know that I still have lots to learn, and that I could improve my play style and effectiveness, if I had a few mentors willing to teach me what they know.  GW2 is the only computer game I play, and I still enjoy it a great deal, but know that I could enjoy it even more, playing with a group of people that I get to know over time, by playing group content together.  There are still many parts of the HoT maps and events that I have not completed, but would like to.  I haven't even tried a single RAID yet, but really want to do that too.  I am open to the idea of becoming more active in WvW and starting out at the bottom of playing PvP, but would prefer to learn how to play those parts of the game better from experienced players, instead of just randomly learning by trial and error, over a longer period of time.


I won't drag this introduction out any longer (I have a tendency to ramble on too long sometimes), but I would appreciate any feedback from other TTS members, leaders, council members, or the "Keeper", either confirming that I have found the right guild, or telling me that I should keep looking elsewhere, because my expectations are not aligned with the goals of TTS.  Here is a condensed list of what I want to do in GW2 in the future:


Raids - I have at least one, if not two, level 80 toons for every profession, ascended armor sets in light, medium & heavy armor weights, & at least one of each ascended weapon (6 legendary weapons I crafted), and I'm willing to craft more to get the right stats on my weapons and armors.


Fractals - currently at level 43 fractal rewards with about 90 to 95 agony resistance, but want to increase reward level, and agony resistance, so I can play tier 4 fractals


WvW - want to learn all the maps better, and the most common strategies to help win points.  So far, I have only entered WvW to buy Gift of Battle for crafting Legendary weapons.


PvP - would really like to perfect my play style on multiple toon professions, to at least average capabilities, so I can be an asset to most teams, not a detriment.  I have played almost zero PvP so far.


Guild Missions, Dungeons, Fractals, and any other repetitive content - would like to become proficient, so I can assist others in completing content successfully.


Sorry for such a long post.  Looking forward to meeting other TTS members in game soon.


Lastly, Amiga is the name of a discontinued (fantastic) computer from the mid 1980's, which was my first computer.  I've been using the AmigaDave nickname since the Internet was very young.

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Welcome to the guild!


Just so you know there are Training Raids hosted by TTS 3 different times throughout the week. This calendar (http://ttsgamers.com/event-calendar/) goes by server time, or UTC. You can save it to your google calendar to convert it to your timezone if you wish. Also, as you can see, there are various times a week scheduled for guild missions and various, farmable open world events. Simply pick whichever training raid time, guild mission slot, or event set that best suits you (NA primetime, West Coast NA [aka Pacific, or PAC for short], or OCE - EU primetime events aren't currently active, and haven't been for some time).


As for dungeons and fractals, sometimes people advertise in their guilds for those. Not currently anything organized by the guild for those, unfortunately. PvP and WvW are in a similar boat, as TTS is a PvE-centered organization.


While I haven't been a leader for some time, I hope my information was helpful to you. Cheers!

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Inari has pretty much covered the basics. From a socialisation perspective you really get out what you put I  with this community =). 


If you're interested in raiding then attending the training raid sessions is a good start. We also have a raid specific guild that is extremely active. Hit me up in game if you'd like to know more about it. 

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Thanks for the replies, they were both very helpful.


I have already contacted the TTS raiding guild (I think), and asked questions about the cost of getting their help toward getting myself a legendary armor set.  The quote was a bit of a shock, but considering the amount of time and effort that goes into something like that, I didn't think the quote was excessive.


I'll try to attend as many TTS group events as I can over the next few weeks, to find out if I fit in with many/most of the rest of the members.  Unfortunately, my current residential location does not have any good Internet providers, and the best option I have is a tiny company that uses microwave transmission to deliver a signal to a tower mounted on a water tank on the hill behind my house.  Often when I try to play GW2 at peak hours on the West Coast, I have trouble running GW2 and TS3 at the same time, without experiencing disconnections, or huge lag times.  DSL is supposed to be installed in this area, but I'm not a fan of DSL either, and don't know if the performance will improve much, over what I currently have, if/when DSL become available for my particular house address.  I live in an area that has all underground utilities, which makes the process of installing DSL longer, than it would take if they were installing wires on existing power/telephone poles.


Thanks again for the replies, and I look forward to meeting you both "in game".

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