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Stepping Down

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With a heavy heart, I am announcing my resignation as a commander for TTS. It was a long, hard decision, but I sadly just don’t have the time commitment to be a commander anymore, and it isn’t fair for anyone, especially my fellow commanders who are constantly left wondering if and when I will ever be around. My work schedule is night based and inconsistent, and life just may be changing a lot soonish, so stepping down is just what needs to be done for now.

The past year and a half has meant the world to me. It is through TTS and being a commander that I have met lifelong friends and more.

I won’t be disappearing from TTS altogether, and I’ll still help out at events when I am around, but I want you all to know what a pleasure it has been to be a commander for all of you guys in TTS. It is a great community we are apart of. Feel free to shoot me a whisper, mail, or yell in one of the guilds.

It was a hard decision, maybe just a little bit emotional right now... but life just comes first.

Stay awesome guys, and don’t go silent on me!

With all my love,

Addy Winchester

Your Taimi Commander



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