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Break Bar (CC) Guide

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Break Bar Guide

By Addy Winchester and Inari Kamihara
With help from the wiki...
And let's be honest, Inari did the hard parts........
Gifs by Necrojinn
  1. Introduction
  2. What Is A Break Bar?
    1. What Happens When The Break Bar Is Depleted?
  3. What Is Crowd Control?
    1. Soft CC VS Hard CC
  4. Class Specific Skills
    1. Warrior
    2. Guardian
    3. Revenant
    4. Engineer
    5. Ranger
    6. Thief
    7. Elementalist
    8. Mesmer
    9. Necromancer





Have you ever been doing something within the game where people start yelling "break" or "break the bar" or "CC". Are you one of the many people who either does not know what that means, or at least unsure? That's okay! Many players in the realm of Guild Wars 2 do not properly know about break bars, how to properly address break bars, or at least are unsure of the skills each of their classes have that are used to break that dreaded bar.
We are here to assist in that understanding.
You will become a break bar god.


What Is A Break Bar?

Well, first off, it's also known as the defiance bar. Rarely anyone actually calls it that, but important to know just in case. The break bar is a separate bar beneath the opponent's health bar (picture shown a little later on). Typically, champion and legendary level bosses are the type of mobs who will have this extra bar, though once in a while some veterans can as well. The goal of the break bar is to deplete it as quickly as possible; some bosses even have a timer that if you don't break it in time, bad things happen! (i.e. Legendary Brazen Gladiator in Chaos Isles fractal where he pulls anyone within range to him and does some serious damage, or Samarog in the fourth raid wing who will kill whoever he/she is pummeling to death if the bar is not depleted in time.)


So what does the bar look like?


Defiance bar segmented.png

When the bar is grey, such as above, the boss is immune to crowd control. This means your CC skills do absolutely nothing in terms of effects; it is a simple skill for damage.


Defiance bar teal.png

As the bar turns teal, it is time to use crowd control skills to deplete the “health” of the bar. Use those CC skills until there is nothing left!


Defiance bar beige.jpg

Once the bar is broken, it then turns orange and steadily regains its “health”. The bar is recharging, therefore your the effects of CC skills do nothing once again.


How does it look with the enemies bar? 

Like so!

CC Bar Example

Photo courtesy of Guildwarshub.com

  What Happens When Break Bar Is Depleted?

When the health of the break bar is depleted, the enemy has been broken. The depletion of the bar interrupts, stuns, knocks down, and/or exposes the enemy. You, my friend, are temporarily safe from being kicked around like a sack of potatoes. For like two seconds. Yey?


Exhibit A:


Link to GIF


What Is Crowd Control?


Crowd control, also known as crowd effects and often shortened to "CC", skills are effects that affect actions, movements, skills, etc. Enemies with break bars are immune to such effects; instead they deplete that break bar as aforementioned above.


There are two different types of these "CC" skills; soft CC and hard CC. Soft CC skills are skills that tick over time, slowly depleting the “health” of the bar. Hard CC skills on the other hand take out big chunks of the bar.


Soft control examples: Fear, taunt, immobilize, slow, chill, blind, cripple, weakness

Hard control examples: Daze, stun, knockdown, knockback, launch, pull, freeze, sink, float, transform  


Let's actually see the difference in the two different types of crowd control:

Soft CC example:


Link to GIF


Hard CC example:


Link to GIF

Class Specific CC Skills

Get ready folks, this is gonna be a long one.



Weapon Skills:

  • Zy_Mggm70E3LEqTk3lVo88Z-kZwBUGARld9qBCdi Pulverize: Mace Autoattack (3rd skill in chain), applies weakness
  • ys2YRU8g894UU_mpFS0Plmz1NCJGnm-MG3uEmGDv Pommel Bash: Mace 3, dazes foe
  • rVR6lvjCXA2LNxsrHzp14biWKl9bwpegIY4buQbY Tremor: Mace 5, knockdown
  • 9c8jZN1YyP65YKrP7Yh9PzAryvpHXLiYucg67Hc9 Hamstring: Sword Autoattack (3rd skill in chain), applies cripple (and immobilize if traited for Leg Specialist)
  • 5g-0ViGOtF2P03E22X2Vdwj8NlINEomOoTf4cTwb Savage Leap: Sword 2, applies cripple (and immobilize if traited for Leg Specialist)
  • o9QgRVvbenI9b61x8-JNtEMDdrDvClckUsqLvd0s Throw Axe: Axe 3, applies cripple (and immobilize if traited for Leg Specialist)
  • ku1Ko0lK1YBkt3ke74GrLeQ3CzC0_7RH7Ej_vjUS Shield Bash: Shield 4, stuns foe
  • ql1Cl18oVu1VFBlvJrdFWZe93VFaXQaw8RcSZy3M Bladetrail: Greatsword 4, applies cripple (and immobilize if traited for Leg Specialist)
  • C6R5N7rMCT_wJCs8hDUjGqjNphBZO3t2rUFZU_ve Fierce Blow: Hammer 2, applies weakness to foe
  • ofan7jG4-xb5MSoC0bK7doDiTt1r_P_WDgt9Z_AE Hammer Shock: Hammer 3, applies cripple (and immobilize if traited for Leg Specialist)
  • EwfUc1BbKif_YMmUhZR6vQ1Pske_1okhGWsT_TYu Staggering Blow: Hammer 4, knockback
  • egR3QTiXAZIZkA-IfH1_U3XNqdWiiVj4-BzAMe-Y Backbreaker: Hammer 5, knockdown
  • lkScF7v1b45Dy6fMVETfOABz9sP4lDUmlewBUHjV Aimed Shot: Rifle 2, applies cripple (and immobilize if traited for Leg Specialist)
  • S3xwGGqPJoJjmV2YR8Dr2wl_5_3x2iJQWvGgZEDD Rifle Butt: Rifle 5, knockback
  • bb3YK_RkzCzctaQyaL7BZV8NAopHRzmE649K75r8 Blaze Breaker: Torch 4, applies cripple (and immobilize if traited for Leg Specialist) [Note: Must be traited for Berserker]
  • oAw13K1aWCeUK93uNtdI9zc4SrCis1sPML6W6hqn Knot Shot: Harpoon gun 4, immobilizes foe
  • C7s2_8tNCSmmkUtmMBE5We_HZniVpZuxLfM_q4eS Repeating Shot: Harpoon gun 5, knockback (repeated)
  • W6FaJwBbzISLRJqruqB7QArcEth7foccThZMsgtm Harpoon Pull: Spear 3, pulls foe

Utility Skills:

  • da-MAtVmMA48zIlDeVgdtvtDdup0p_95xQeVLfW7 Bull’s Charge: Knockdown
  • yaijptDWxKxBGbF3pbDFNz1vOc4T5UGIf5U-ELdU Kick: Knockback
  • LoiSrSAdL5NUm7clnqLfwIVTOzdHY8Nqzn6dW35d Stomp: Launch
  • bqCRfhxK_WsdkzYfTtjtwZ4va1Rena-sz34xqIly Throw Bolas: Applies immobilize
  • EGD4-iA7bhwfE7-cVRD681dEl-rTN7sVatZ0enVP ”Fear Me!”: Applies fear
  • Ziu7oprlmanY4oR3hSMk_QWEVKCWu6rbtPyyhcSi Wild Blow: Launch (Special condition: any additional targets hit by the initial target will also receive knockback) [Note: Must be traited for Berserker]
  • cin6EQ9-FL5K6wWdPHEuf7T-SNqIirA5QDJkE76u Kick (Rampage): Skill 2, knockback
  • Xif0T4pORbHiPlMBOZK5SRSb0aZGujvZSDa9DKS3 Throw Boulder (Rampage): Skill 4, stun
  • 3w5bZP0MRoXUXd4VfkoZ2RP89La2JLGSfYrjKi8k Seismic Leap (Rampage): Skill 5, knockdown
  • KhqxTym3xayLxrxvmIVEmFdZFPETYxYvhqig7PZD Head Butt: Stun [Note: Must be traited for Berserker]

Downed/Drowning Skills:

  • sdG8damvNol4pPhC4dImNc7cinkgKV7yNqGUAWQi Throw Hammer: Downed skill 2, knockdown
  • 3A2f9Qf1ZomVffHQalL94HgekN1i79WmIpAcot8l Kick: Drowning skill 2, knockback

Professional Skills:

  • 3zJo6KcLQJzot4fe_Jmdk4OEbYnamjddYB6f-V85 Berserk: F2, taunts foe (if traited for Bloody Roar) [Note: Must be traited for Berserker]
  • 7EjgqeJtXENO4ZAGPIMjTNFRWPO2Kwzw370cs_2- Skull Crack: Mace F1, stuns foe - efficacy based on Adrenaline level
  • 8A-Vj6YrBHbpa-Up8PO-WIQFsTyyFd7veCTpZ32O Skull Grinder: Mace F1 (Berserk Mode), dazes foe [Note: Must be traited for Berserker]
  • qB_lFS0C_1l5Suhzlc5S0WWSnczDmVe4jBLgDVcW Flurry: Sword F1, immobilizes foe - efficacy based on Adrenaline level
  • JB0m-GhGENmoj8RxyZtAG4C1BV5AAewQvkE4s0ti Earthshaker: Hammer F1, stuns foe
  • miya9RfMlyXZH4vkxZUyffnAZ2-S7cngpvnaOtu9 Rupturing Smash: Hammer F1 (Berserk Mode), immobilizes foe [Note: Must be traited for Berserker]
  • 4056oN3D_EhnHYhreFeraU95yLFeTcFkQCv4-hrv Gun Flame: Rifle F1 (Berserk Mode), dazes foe [Note: Must be traited for Berserker]
  • vacZbjh0vW5FQAN9d6LCZCmYUtsK8G68vi4Vcqdp Wild Whirl: Spear F1 (Berserk Mode), pulls foe
  • Zu2fnBTtuSMMu_beW9w6ZRC45tpzhH5UxY_B5H4u Burning Shackles: Harpoon gun F1 (Berserk Mode), immobilizes foe



Weapon Skills:

  • oqIwv3_I6-3gYsP1mw_JtLfY5uG4d832-enfSe1D Leap Of Faith: Greatsword 3, blinds foe
  • BfCqWMuVHGsVZwzyF7_f9jLDiOrergoK0cFrT4To Binding Blades ->  EU8yVNibS3V-s6SHJMt22rVzbks4ty6cF3nWzwIn  Pull: Greatsword 5, pulls targets affected by Binding Blades
  • Wy43saeOps_2Tm8FBJrlqhL7j1DHFdh_QLZ5U4uw Zealot’s Embrace: Hammer 3, immobilizes foe
  • HmpP_NT-Z5LNp-ZURNnxDtZn_heLfzGCTc-12I46 Banish: Hammer 4, knockback
  • 5oSVVIeb3REL9h6EJnVsn-DpQzQ2otA5hk7PY-uvRing of Warding: Hammer 5, creates field that knocks foes down if they attempt to cross
  • 27oV0JfKf95u82CFzpCEjp53sQt3AVlKRYC7rUjd Line of Warding: Staff 5, creates field that knocks foes down if they attempt to cross
  • n8mC8FqJ3xrcI_iYBcx8SGjhp9Ogv53q_Ycni2u1 Deflecting Shot: Longbow 3, blinds foe [Note: Must be traited for Dragonhunter]
  • OyjT-QvF6B7wRgw7QGDAkIDGYzAC_z6pKs1xLrqz Hunter’s Ward: Longbow 5, creates field that knocks foes down if they attempt to cross
  • Rf8o2Y44v2szoMFgoHsPu2v2Y7DJsTyQkM_Y3fnD Chains of Light: Scepter 3, immobilizes foe
  • En4ubZhV3k2qm4TqvC6WfRTI8u_BgFMA5nipFaXp Symbol of Blades: Sword 2, blinds foe
  • nWPPsAB8t--_TZK97BzEiz5BFIF33kewhdEiZ3T7 Ray of Judgment: Focus 4, blinds foe
  • axRrvEuXAelFa_3KIV-ROE5ZuPd3OITTaqinw0y8Shield of Absorption: Shield 5, knockback
  • NoOXzLnZUohkGUMskq4hlrdqrwUyGyD95E2W3Znn Brilliance: Spear 3, blinds foe
  • uDCqu1QOqXbwfFGPbjot8FnzVt4mUQ_UcVTkpwOy Wrathful Grasp: Spear 5, pulls foe
  • Wr7Ex1RseDbsMYdD1QSrSM0uSQfqYrdr4G929zea Weight of Justice: Trident 5, sinks foe

Utility Skills:

  • h19wFovI990Kld6wVprDL3nAKFJvHYgfhfhnGfam Sanctuary: Creates field that knocks foes back if they attempt to cross
  • qyV_1aoOksrk1hJF5aI3xQpr7xoRg4uEjs20M6yc Bane Signet: Knockdown when activated
  • n53j6KFJvEjhPtmzerMhZncqHU1GY7hhBycxoNtc Signet of Wrath: Immobilizes foe
  • K8DDAAK2MQlzz16E45Ifzz0xWFG1ODAeuM9TnOhY Hammer of Wisdom ->  MqCBiNi8XFIs-ravNP8c4um6yNOTwX8fI1NJlJxR Command: Knockdown
  • WgpTMvyi0f0jQ0v6jYcqwVarWdLm93T3Rgk519e7 Purification: Blinds foe upon activation, slows foe upon activation [Note: Must be traited for Dragonhunter]
  • 0rE4Q3AJY8_yrypYaUsxVKyf_VEXSa44yQdUJpHo Fragments of Faith: Slows foe upon activation [Note: Must be traited for Dragonhunter]
  • CdBuI4Afh3S_lLNoCW-zKR5Ek9qK_G71s7nLBH9j Light’s Judgment: Slows foe upon activation [Note: Must be traited for Dragonhunter]
  • 4R1plpVwCP7JJkAc49MJuHwWLrVDGZBMbT953mpf Test of Faith: Cripples foe upon activation, slows foe upon activation [Note: Must be traited for Dragonhunter]
  • Kw1-KljV0r7eBVxLU3A01oML6GZ1a6TNi_KRaqK7 Procession of Blades:Slows foe upon activation [Note: Must be traited for Dragonhunter]
  • vNJSXCH7hzvgCjMMA7s_sFCq2yN9BLAkocChJU5i Dragon’s Maw: Elite skill, pulls foe upon activation, knocks foes back crossing over the boundary, slows foe upon activation [Note: Must be traited for Dragonhunter]

Drowning/Downed Skills:

  • YeLo4YiO6EhJUUpK32uKdW7vte1H7EO_jiMtvodU Wave of Light: Downed skill 2, knocks foe back
  • _FARwpNKdHuy0s7oxr3kxpn8zh9yUuhVIvcFaBsS Shackle: Drowning skill 1, cripples foe

Professional Skills:

  • dlDbpopywd7sRPEZPujfsSbe9Q6Z62NZDM8oZ_ul Hunter’s Verdict: F1, pulls targets tethered by Spear Of Justice [Note: Must be traited for Dragonhunter]



Weapon Skills:

  • iZ6nyk6uc-MTUp1am17kguIt1OQaBl6dYpULU6g8 Phase Smash: Hammer 3, chills foe
  • BIUDlMx7xNZ4J-qLjhRHl9NF1EdWaHnOLcu5notE Drop the Hammer: Hammer 5, knockdown
  • Y5ogRBD1sYHFf3fh2QzjZ1ufISMcjCYsNTuDNNaB Debilitating Smash: Staff 2, knockdown
  • GW-AeCZSA9V4bxP8eIrNdWxDtsdZlg0Zu_Y_QTC3 Warding Rift: Staff 3, blinds foe
  • dy4vmyGq7M7vE9neOxZ_nlQtaH3XNuWyXi87tN2T Surge of the Mists: Staff 5, knocks foe back (multiple strikes)
  • YwanU-uE61E3TZ15jpNTiAI7jSwfBXS80YHVljKr Precision Strike: Sword 2, chills foe
  • 4F1iVjoolPgpIgE9BbqS9Wpx5rrIoPzSIFGndwRt Grasping Shadow: Shadowstep backward, then pull foe to you
  • pe3ybW4FfizSyR0EX4EyEPsmx8k4sex-SabrFL9p Frigid Blitz: Axe 4, chills foe
  • j9vcuqAf7lfMY9RDfshY6V77PYyRoEYyFyqj_8pq Temporal Rift: Axe 5, pulls foe
  • flM3ZehcDXxd19HSbJE6PWbJMpn2TZ1sQd6EqjuF Frigid Discharge: Spear 3, detonate Venomous Sphere to chill foe
  • GYuyT9hJks8uXxSkp3mHu5dHcSjt57s6ZUnm3Sjw Rift Containment: Spear 5, knocks foes back if they try to cross the boundary

Utility Skills:

  • USaORM93waXKlySWhpnpo9mHeSGjpHoRCqxWu8s0 Jade Winds: Shiro elite skill; turns foes to jade
  • Rru-4YI-A-XgILUYEk-ZUIzUJMIaUyTlkVl51kXh Unyielding Anguish: Mallyx utility skill, chills foe
  • 6P_ZKzrFkT2baIAumo2zII7gMRSroMy8YvlwJ9fR Inspiring Reinforcement: Jalis utility skill, applies weakness to foe
  • JftgDhxzIXXR1s1fIZTeQ67fiD01WwJLderchwKK Forced Engagement: Jalis utility skill, applies slow and taunt to foe

Downed/Drowned Skills:

  • YHAwOZi71TcyQL0rS2Wgp0WOjZ9_bx7tZdYKgFCZ Forceful Displacement: Downed skill 2, knocks foe backward



Weapon Skills:

  • zQdaiO2jVM2StvJd3wISZC6IDd9fAFSQFnFTO1dLNet Shot: Rifle 2, immobilizes foe
  • Dhy2lZzX2DJTPiZTMpHO8TJsLbJuDxDabHB8qKGeOvercharged Shot: Rifle 4, knocks foe back
  • up3BHytqxjvPJmgjqCeTXmV8Kia6lUeTcnco5wKOStatic Shot: Pistol 3, blinds foe
  • HEXrD1AEjvNJb1qfX1zx0cQ3Rw84oJq6m6L6q7ixGlue Shot: Pistol 5, immobilizes foe
  • OxvJDMxmvEVBmD8S02ULjnXH4ob6X9tvzqjGBh7gMagnetic Inversion: Shield 4, release Magnetic Shield to knock foe back
  • GmzCw4DW8nkDGSub_i_D1NFMAdrH6WhCNqzt8kueStatic Shield: Shield 5, stuns foes that attack you
  • 8NShstQ8coZ0A0ncEDFjju5J10L7eVUazAiNUpCrThrow Shield: Shield 5, dazes foe
  • -l6sMIL-NrhZYHKq-Pyim_to4IvcJDh8XCkrF4pMRetreating Grapple: Harpoon gun 3, pulls foes towards you
  • euWo204Y4VI3eLh-eYOn1ixu1i4Ec6clhbmtngEvNet Wall: Harpoon gun 5, immobilizes foe
  • k9pLMrLWrgYvH_sVI98HvHXfpxouXaBHR0PoCghtThunderclap: Hammer 5, stuns foe [Note: Must be traited for Scrapper]

Utility Skills:

  • zIXK7NK33lmws1boWNIXYhGEb3RdRXs92ZMTQ9MtDetonate Healing Turret: knocks foe back
  • E8B36C-Cmc0rlXgE-K6QAujhk1VSzvX-_-hWesQdFlame Turret: (initial overcharge) blinds foe
  • fWM3PrfurtAl3QpyX9u-E0Tpr8g7avI_VHRJqqzmDetonate Flame Turret: knocks foe back
  • kZapYvAqjZ3CODJddmvaiGUe30akOr3_-sH0UAcGNet Turret: immobilizes foe + (initial overcharge) stuns foe
  • jdG6J44_jTvXKygTJhrvGvsSwrRa6KvXlsmHvLfjDetonate Net Turret: knocks foe back
  • t0KWDqSGxzr1b1Wl__piImB5CLkbRWD3puz-D87RDetonate Rifle Turret: knocks foe back
  • C0pJuelkfPzl-n4Jxz1PPTpBOKkMSAUApMOck-FiDetonate Harpoon Turret: knocks foe back
  • r9cWrO44tTt6Wu95Oooh_bPFyC6QhrcRDQoAitviDetonate Rocket Turret: knocks foe back
  • HaNWybabAUUGdFMFetTMEstXfAQKPZ4gyHfVf_M_Thumper Turret: cripples foe + (initial overcharge) launches foe
  • r9cWrO44tTt6Wu95Oooh_bPFyC6QhrcRDQoAitviDetonate Thumper Turret: knocks foe back
  • P-ro8Sq5XNWwaEQHq18tidQODGPQLYftzP2e81-iPersonal Battering Ram: launches foe
  • PPW7-ADkHw_xwDTw_HBfDoA5xhVVWjvr-mKEaKrfSlick Shoes: knocks foe down as they cross into oil trail
  • b_6tzfVuJ_vZCyp5U0EXyNRboEKkskeO7HT3wk6W->YHMs_JNMrJtdT45OUKS1ZjDii1WaTBDCo42s1-voThrow Mine>Detonate: knocks foe back
  • BC39bGOPq1aloJSwemZzs9xViEUWTQJiuw-AviyiSupply Crate: stuns foe
  • r9cWrO44tTt6Wu95Oooh_bPFyC6QhrcRDQoAitviDetonate Supply Crate: knocks foe back

Tool Kits Skills:

  • N7gRGbPhhGKyVKRFJ5OGcCl3p3CiFigQ46VfNfauSmoke Bomb: Bomb Kit 4, blinds foe
  • jqSnpD-oAm3kuO6Q-_FTlo3XagfjH1BJB7VQOxgGGlue Bomb: Bomb Kit 5, immobilizes foe
  • oRFTP6_AYqnNfAFTGTmudW6YDV4-1_gidH6_0k54Tranquilizer Dart: Elixir Kit 1, weakens foe
  • 6xUuKNlsyepkd5MFqOOuZfdColM3TwYihD1z1CKIGlob Shot: Elixir Kit 2, cripples foe
  • Rk7WE0e3Fe3Q_-B3rs0Oi2YBJe5Ew54hFFqnrMI0Air Blast: Flamethrower Kit 3, knocks foe back
  • 6W8bKeFZrVxAs0TCe-Gp1_YB95jurVe6mqoMzONlSmoke Vent: Flamethrower Kit 5, blinds foe
  • P5Mk0ihq3hLggJ6Dzh7nbM4SxKsV6UTDyIzR2GYPFlash Grenade: Grenade Kit 3, blinds foe
  • lVqM3CyNoCw8aOAFGJ1EA7S9Zsrdpmee2fc_A8moFreeze Grenade: Grenade Kit 4, chills foe
  • UbVpWAt7FeXOCVfD4mOZXm-x0lfcfQI3TSyAtsTUBox of Nails: Tool Kit 2, cripples foe
  • lW1XADWMxYm8s0sZ9ZsAu9IiLd4jsNJ98GCtSEhhBox of Piranhas: Tool Kit 2, cripples foe
  • nwBvsdWXqvVABaSxAjdo_ES9yb_eod06mLq2FhDtMagnet: Tool Kit 5, pulls foe
  • 6VoRpqLdVUnCCuTisPSEoR4zB24PVQA0IyBdnMwbEndothermic Shell: Mortar Kit 3, chills foe
  • SH15P9Fo7j65u0ZTcKijnb0Ag17I_8RyUAd3H7QIFlash Shell: Mortar Kit 4, blinds foe

Downed/Drowned Skills:

  • mb4hfsP8BEzVOdY69nmvAMS1sJ_SgR7em0ZhcnS8Grappling Line: Downed skill 2, pulls foe
  • g5m7TXSJhWNE1FtU6qg6OQFJCUKHhWxW5aElOxW_Booby Trap: Downed skill 3, knocks foe back
  • KHx9GgJZ7SEfM5w8BnhdhJJU5gC8bs_HCBtfGKAOAnchor: Drowning skill 2, sinks foe

Profession Skills:

  • r7m5CiDxA32TlnVWmyGGgE23sNSGgAuXDe8X4-fFBig Ol’ Bomb: knocks foe back
  • HCXZdA1pPlfxXKkVZA00S8a41actlBlU6EOTGHMDLaunch Personal Battering Ram: cripples foe and dazes foe
  • C0Z1nj3vS7PbJUpnVGINQrIndvY9zo_GNVsYa95fNet Attack: immobilizes foe
  • uZ_-_zn5jmy7aR4lmctzZyhPZXXxZBRrRJXccteJToss Elixir U: chance to cast Smokescreen, which blinds foes
  • PytI2yf5x79JZ2SWtubU1p4W16JYEOW6Cfz20cxDToss Elixir X: Transforms foe into a moa



Weapon Skills:

  • W4WDZL52PS7ydmm2vRj3MY6VBimUKIByYFWxZBVTCounterattack: Greatsword 4, knocks foe back (only works if an attack is blocked)
  • XiH-ZQeqfnK-qt8qsGmjtWmMUXz55YzpJjiTRcrcCrippling Throw: Greatsword 4, cripples foe (only becomes available if previous skill successfully blocked an attack)
  • OBVolONiPzy4Nt5mkxDOWcFg-myNBGjzksCS7e5SHilt Bash: Greatsword 5, Dazes foe; stuns foe if hits from behind
  • sbodmVs9pGxsWVaqwVIO-4wln9vLapJXaeUf5oXtPoint Blank Shot: Longbow 4, knocks foe back (more effective within close range)
  • w9EiVer6vvh6cTgBD_AOZyhHGHFAzQRORC0KxlatBarrage: Longbow 5, cripples foe
  • LCC67vnjU7oPo_9uXOH4ig29XWDx5tZDdeFMKKBmCrippling Shot: Short Bow 4, cripples foe; also immobilizes foe if used while flanking or from behind
  • fJIbaYRuUl62k6xwkw_43_chtskO0PQUk-_76RroConcussion Shot: Short Bow 5, dazes foe; stuns foe if used while flanking or from behind
  • j_euTxC3aPDm1k47mQBn-9zZqRFF147FM_J0EpekCrippling Thrust: Sword 1 (2nd skill in auto chain), cripples foe
  • tUMX-mfncfzcw-44LDUg_28DuDtU1D1cbB6QYtQ3Monarch’s Leap: Sword 2 (2nd skill in chain), cripples foe
  • kOEWdzvzJBPUwPiw81v1AUmgI_oBLMKle1J3OHqNWinter’s Bite: Axe 3, chills foe
  • nJA5obrIxZjb_RwIGytXhzNT-M3cSRN126I-1shwPath of Scars: Axe 4, pulls foe
  • ZRvGLwTYHpS-8jRnEZW0EuXI1Q6pCPICY8dmzz9mCrippling Talon: Dagger 5, cripples foe
  • INAln8pTK-vYXlDe7OyN7qBrIsqWXSx5NG0HWPikVine Surge: Staff 4, immobilizes foe
  • znAVcWREalBB9tGBgiEoct7HIcFaIhToH6YD4QSECoral Shot: Harpoon Gun 2, cripples foe
  • zYOBAzYEYZxG6dZpQGocN-h4aWL9typTLWz_rTKTInk Shot: Harpoon Gun 5, blinds foe

Utility Skills:

  • -p8dOxoowJxhE8zk4Lqp50WnH5aIdu_hsHY9ze_7“Protect Me!”: Pet taunts next foe that attacks you
  • Vh1cZts5helg9iYRe-0QyL8EhW7pZX7r-jdwwa2eSignet of the Wild: Activate to root and immobilize foe
  • QQvTmib1feYQfX_Wy6QejUffDSPxHSslWfK4OT27Cold Snap: Sacrifice Frost Spirit to chill foe
  • tYpNv0XARJy-JIocIlCW7X96Q2QQHrUKeMfIZWPvQuicksand: Sacrifice Stone Spirit to cripple and immobilize foe
  • aBmNSCFdrqnPVvkln1mI5wubKDHJsJ0VwHYgQEhYSolar Flare: Sacrifice Sun Spirit to blind foe
  • ll2VZoRBoEpgFfeXjh0sYlt2lCwzuVPROeQCOPweMuddy Terrain: Cripples, slows, and immobilizes foe
  • xTstcKjcNfSnVLhKo3n32XBGiK9qqxH2VaO4mK8WSpike Trap: Launches foe upward
  • kz13BAVH7A8lP9vy9lOuN-zfHLK6vxFhk3qpwiSrFrost Trap: Chills foe
  • DWBMTvJKqtJtSOWJtEMFjznnFEGeOG03o0fNQJ82Glyph of Equality: Dazes foe
  • aKI-xYotXnI4LGYbOzRFQw6_pBfLzlfHzTnpW53RGlyph of the Tides: Knocks foe back
  • l_qHT-Ao3qj6CYpbDpRtnfBR-5-Jq6L7-7DESxwRGlyph of the Tides (in Celestial Avatar): Pulls foe in
  • mXlLeJ512edB49s1MXovrSehL8f9ZcdNHzxczuGAEntangle: Elite skill, immobilizes foe

Downed/Drowned Skills:

  • 40SP9BBcxnwPodqCHangiG29sgBwmk7MN266jECgThunderclap: Downed/Drowning skill 2, dazes foe

Profession Skills:

  • oYcKRcmy-0z1iUG3t1m7AiV7jyBTTIEGeyN8h_2SLightning Assault: Lightning Wyvern F2, launches foe (hits multiple times on large hitboxes)
  • pDHi7rF3HFgUA7RhyrvceM8sjUFCWqgx7Q1gmghVDazing Screech: Black Moa F2, dazes foe
  • P9nJkFjar1_09-g_5ONh8IIUoh0If9eK2XgCDHVpDazing Screech: Pink Moa F2, dazes foe
  • MHsoQMvNlZajYbsIX0k1e9itKiKw_sMuMb4nIJ5_Terrifying Howl: Wolf F2, fears foe
  • WsOh4NCSRzDmgZXR60SV874L-JKTnNinhT4rYsxeParalyzing Venom: Black Widow F2, immobilizes foe on next attack
  • S2f8lqEgBwFWoHZGIkR5WWcq9FujNUO2GKkLsxqkParalyzing Venom: Jungle Spider F2, immobilizes foe on next attack
  • ua1AQvHt6kVEAOkzF2rZs7BZyDTHXPdc3tL_UX5tWeakening Venom: Cave Spider F2, weakens foe
  • dfI-8gzDL7L6EbaF67XCyX2QRFT7gd5dLZNU_VKlWeakening Roar: Black Bear F2, weakens foe
  • GCW_259nsKQVv10YbhIWVusuF17TDz6Vjn03yU6IIcy Roar: Polar Bear F2, chills foe
  • zAi7NAR5474mQ7ZnbdVIRbiO2ar50l46nZA-7WcXIntimidating Howl: Krytan Drakehound F2, immobilizes foe
  • hFtmHSTbLmXeWPT2gtM4Flu_F9Du5vSLaMTfkIJsChilling Howl: Alpine Wolf F2, chills foe
  • 6d1EM0r3fEggkX-ozRcTwZ9glAYGg_yp10cyWQUcFang Grapple: Fanged Iboga F2, pulls foe
  • tjl2auh0zAKMtmulWzRbIqCPwpAIwGNv-rzau34oIcy Pounce: Snow Leopard F2, chills foe
  • fQhZIwfIsd1HXfTtr3vbzk5ftXALT13puN2lkJZRBlinding Roar: Sand Lion F2, blinds foe
  • TtiGD1YbKrwTxbkhd7rUJMetqXQBeNM7-s1yO-RVChilling Slash: Owl F2, chills foe
  • -LGo3oPMSHl4tyHHs1Ixx0wwud4-SiN1egjjmKJgBlinding Slash: Raven F2, blinds foe
  • v6waR5v-3xPBHHgbxkQhySptGikGXbtQyrk6nCdgBlinding Slash: White Raven F2, blinds foe
  • GC804-FQ63iarB-ab78CMv3qGLLGgqcwtzgmjEybJacaranda’s Embrace: Jacaranda F2, immobilizes foe
  • pJAmCm4o9SFORqLxkEphMJgxU9PYwmSLNd1TnOVnIcy Screech: White Moa F2, chills foe
  • CHdgUHY7ImC8IQMxw5PfCZr6u4SjbDh682ojd0dNHead Toss: Rock Gazelle F2, launches foe
  • 74ToSFe2JD1tsTIz51XRkJ3oFQq1Pv1dYHGADSixSmoke Cloud: Smokescale F2, blinds foe
  • f_9cNAjDocFdj_Hgl9EAWFYPhQDxwkqRLIP0y8JvChilling Whirl: Blue Jellyfish F2, chills foe
  • XP8HywBzO5NfdImHpds1wRIcDwtetS2CkA157DInChilling Whirl: Rainbow Jellyfish F2, chills foe
  • JSnSc3dDFQpaCK6AVkH5kq1eU1NSGbB-yNEAL_i1Immobilizing Whirl: Red Jellyfish F2, immobilizes foe
  • YDNwUxbiN6pg2Kk5T78j8xe-a1tmO3ruse8wwQdRStunning Rush: Armored Fish F2, stuns foe



Weapon Skills:

  • 9K5wqjFVZxaqpjMVzt7SxTfZp-BA2MbdQxVGgal1Trick Shot -> 161reND3R0aRImznxuknLPMPPopdeWXPy2nF4_elSurprise Shot: Shortbow 1 (Stealth), immobilizes foes
  • OIYl9lVwsXlhVUf4WTnuJcHUY4apbO2ogOHv23-2Disabling Shot: Shortbow 3, cripples foes
  • KniQP8CZlaHQRtEUdeFuxhdfH_iNK7Vn5_9wFowDChoking Gas: Shortbow 4, dazes foes with 4 or more stacks of poison
  • f3f9g4lPi6eB0hwoysIyXbBU-rQ7ofagxvacxjstInfiltrator’s Arrow: Shortbow 5, blinds foes
  • rskxFieQ7PdWkYbM5aBirbNIxL5FOnXlGuiLk6GkSlice -> -5wzItt1KCI3LAk_Diu2QpRs0oURADf4GIkaHnoYSlash -> kMLs2jugEFi-EB_F3rvpW1lFIx109QPTp-7R-I9jCrippling Strike: Sword 1, Cripples foes -> zoZW_ZddesH0Sp6YCQ5Jgs8SMw-yZHcWZ-Szy7wZTactical Strike (stealth): Blinds foes if you are attacking in front, daze if you are attacking from behind
  • QO7yQTmc238EIGs-onmYrO4IGtMcu_-ylASaA2S5Infiltrator’s Strike: Sword 2, immobilizes foes
  • 5KBsHgWUJ1PIdY51Fbfcz0B0b3dsQkU6yvyUFzecPistol Whip: Sword/Pistol 3, stuns foes
  • gK6oA2rscormFX5mw4Km47tgW_cuFxP8WEROr6RKShadow Shot: Dagger/Pistol 3, blinds foes
  • 2cjcue5DLCXhdHO9Vqbevn3-2efdb9V3tImPZ46hDancing Dagger: Dagger 4, cripples foes
  • swJg7jw9lB_RKMOiAhKgtvDZmDgn7XRWdwOb41QSBody Shot: Pistol 2, immobilizes foe
  • wt2lb2gu13YbnLfTmVsoj3L1v0drHWOpzuk9T-i8Headshot: Pistol 4, dazes foes
  • 54t7GfTuSRYIvlFVjm2JyUUWn4qcYrCrjWpC7GA1Black Powder: Pistol 5, blinds foes
  • 6tPq-eUacpaSzy716mBi5ITVLtTIir7xzObyscahDisabling Shot: Harpoon Gun 4, cripples foes
  • h9lGnSkbXhuF3mLTElWDU_ZWBzp51BjpqSZDwDq1Ink Shot: Harpoon Gun 5, blinds foes
  • kfo3gO9JAZNvSH7IL2-8GWv95kdidmpU6ESdNYSqTow Line: Spear 4, pulls and cripples foes
  • 5t5eJrApP_f1m9V9cLyHhIjYhMnotjDIUPu6gvu-Staff Strike -> lonKkWIaCszQwdT14B0w6eA1XEzxhj7vCTClkkmlStaff Bash -> raXN8Vgc0GH0mwxhnLwkQrEx1EM1S_PJ2V2m3MNaPunishing Strike -> XM1b00-wi4xML7wCn_LRxZ0oW-I0Cx2bCaBxqDgZHook Strike (stealth): Staff 1, knocks foe down [Note: Must be traited for Daredevil]
  • 19mqppmhKuz-bIRh2y1C-f0euZZCM1kRN5QD657PWeakening Charge: Staff 2, weakens foe [Note: Must be traited for Daredevil]
  • iGcloqyGJNrL_y7iPeeRmcfasWqxHm_chu1GJhV5Debilitating Arc: Staff 3, cripples foe  [Note: Must be traited for Daredevil]
  • c8lRilO2PcLQIwzs2LuofmEIVy-yAV5RN4YbvJBPDust Strike: Staff 4, blinds foes [Note: Must be traited for Daredevil]

Utility Skills:

  • Y8I0iqC3mY-u0m0Ch2M_Rmg3KFQH-BYC-btg5QsIBlinding Powder: Blinds foes
  • wd7BV9FToVIC5OT3Spv1CmfAWhkNIpfG90ccRSpNSmoke Screen: Blinds foes
  • TlTy0x5RjeWhKhnU0n536booUPfuDzyp0FyNrrDGSignet of Shadows: Active - Blinds foe
  • q35cpg2REIOhRRsr-KutZX59lHWRd8ZH-Lpjgq6WNeedle Trap: Immobilizes foes
  • Km0CBkknHeAMcm9xu6RB9GaOvP5U3E_oJ-CG6H_cTripwire: Knockdown
  • RU0qwHQLM8AFO1EBaQ-antRDMgaG8F8oJCZAlUWOCaltrops: Cripples foes
  • LcQmKD7lHf9iS-ox8JtURat5ZpTyAcdUb4ibcJ2dScorpion Wire: Pulls foes
  • 9lU3PDiRrmPcwMyubbETcy24mNraFNbFr7e2VuvuDevour Venom: Immobilizes foes
  • URvU4PE2-xAi_X_4-phUJxx05HALtIAP6sYKNe5OIce Drake Venom: Chills foes
  • JkQrtNQD3jgEeBeOp4VOgromg18sn4WEvivWQ0fXBasilisk Venom: Turns foes to stone (stuns)
  • KHnBR3ap7IageHRh_qOKig11IeQ-rZC1e7sYDvAPDagger Storm: Cripples foes
  • 34S3xpDuBml3ZRdsz_pcv5Lq9kId-f32UPuw_iS2Bandit’s Defense -> pvaT2xpvGpmdLRmAVxEBlUZdoiA3Y_GmQ-DGQNnaReflexive Strike: Knockdown [Note: Must be traited for Daredevil]
  • 1MGwCB3-6A94eFutLf-qHKpCLHFQz-6WFbcCVtyNDistracting Daggers: Dazes foes [Note: Must be traited for Daredevil]
  • 2-cxYWoPbUzYFqR0SKoD3iF6Z1haK9jJRN3Qa_c5First Furry -> EgUZfbQLTd9S-_enzYOBvyo-rpHajldhYrPW10EpPalm Strike: Stuns foes [Note: Must be traited for Daredevil]
  • gyZjfxYPoFV2Fs-VqLA-QlyJdu1BvxjSKO_JDsbXImpact Strike: Stuns foe [Note: Must be traited for Daredevil]
  • SDtd40qwv_uBOom62Y4oNGvogQqlgPn-EITVWMogUppercut: Launches foe [Note: Must be traited for Daredevil]

Downed/Drowned Skills:

  • mw4LCJgxKNgg0RSoTb6wUSMq7FO7A0pXXlFl5OodTrail of Knives: Downed skill 1, cripples foe
  • 6N56z7tYZVUK-XcggaU3OBchLGPuOpwDL5nBuGPFSmoke Bomb: Downed skill 3, blinds foe
  • fSjbwu6Yw3Kk0iXGR19l2QbU1pruFADBE2dBYtFMCheapshot: Drowning skill 2, knockback

Profession Skills:

  • lChqbPg2jTyGWuvi7S3WezooMnAN5rNP5yd8AMxzSteal: F1, dazes foe [Note: Must trait for Sleight Of Hand, Trickery Grandmaster]



Weapon Skills:

  • fVS_1YDPRi4uAanC_Fr8jnBudGV8UqdlWTkBVLK9Frozen Ground: Staff 4 in water attunement, chills foe
  • OAA5WJ8Z7Mx3I0oo-JWaVp11WEH2DnItBs4KUOm3Lightning Surge: Staff 2 in air attunement, blinds foe when discharges
  • ch3kH4kRWoMd5A6-OuIiFQXO3feCkGWacQPsBCNbGust: Staff 3 in air attunement, knockback
  • DCGVMfqN5GnWfsCZKy6T2FE7z7VvSqZOA2tWP8nHStatic Field: Staff 5 in air attunement, stuns foe
  • iBQ3icUUGhvbPqFJSyVoFwsZEd7ARwaZmLKwdjv6Stoning: Staff 1 in earth attunement, applies weakness
  • iu-ds5yQ_2aC4aqIghclQR1Mt0cq9Pw73PAVqVzgUnsteady Ground: Staff 4 in earth attunement, knockback
  • P0HjozKOwCazXGXPjIacMLdMVwxAxWd7Wr2IlDO8Shock Wave: Staff 5 in earth attunement, immobilizes foe
  • AHbKQrJYbQUet1TLYiSsctGKf5AZw3lW4dJfS9C5Blinding Flash: Scepter 3 in air attunement, blinds foe
  • WZJkYFPF1UMEoA8Hu9rL-492H65WTXXvi7ybPr8vDust Devil: Scepter 3 in earth attunement, blinds foe
  • KTwkokKpWEQQ0K9N8fQS9clONbLFO56lnuUp511lFrozen Burst: Dagger 3 in water attunement, chills foes
  • y8CBUwuETqS5RdV5Z8nxuFiJXkWb-SzP44jPpP-qFrost Aura: Dagger 4 in water attunement, chills foes that hit you
  • eu2zF580m2_F14ggEDmbOpmdtPD9ER4EP8ht3exkLightning Touch: Dagger 2 in air attunement, applies weakness
  • S1fvOmlzktmOlIjEHsvktRJyONcB6t6AYGvXE7aNShocking Aura: Dagger 3 in air attunement, stuns foes that attack you
  • pIMOGURHjirx570Nn8L4gPfuLQduhwuuoVvERSUqMagnetic Grasp: Dagger 3 in earth attunement, immobilizes foe
  • S2SbWUkM4d7xkj9opA-kSFgb--l6d8J-2MeON8NQEarthquake: Dagger 4 in earth attunement, knockdown
  • afMz1-Ug2ACkN4dtczGXQTXnN0Sz6tJhgiDQFM8EChurning Earth: Dagger 5 in earth attunement, cripples
  • W2cm5gJlMP6XcE4Zx3bJXKShJ8LAZ8cyfWX1XOGUFreezing Gust: Focus 4 in water attunement, chills foe
  • Nc91EL72-1tBVdrtHEgUMA79Lc6UfO3Sd4sy5JYTGale: Focus 5 in air attunement, knockdown
  • KdxiSS89D5Oyi6ZeHsQYHd33Tt2fsMjzyV5G2barTidal Surge: Warhorn 4 in water attunement, knockback [Note: Must be traited for Tempest]
  • pW599MhNb1E9KHyBRTe9l0rAeSJ4fvQNNpiKmpskCyclone: Warhorn 4 in air attunement, pulls foe [Note: Must be traited for Tempest]
  • Hc0RCoE_4bMNrKbC6J8kXXnkPRsYoB0jbF8WJWyEDust Storm: Warhorn 5 in earth attunement, inflicts various conditions [Note: Must be traited for Tempest]
  • VUX__aKSXLZgI-5X_E7lJO00saioGkggH3gd3XTuSteam: Trident 3 in fire attunement, blinds foe
  • mLrO98T32w0_JEGxbsCqlf3FYW9docb4v_kJYbn2Lava Chains: Trident 4 in fire attunement, cripples foe
  • wR3rW8sQ0_bttAKl1fw91aNznvsiWj3XPXqvsCpOIce Wall -> J9k4LOIaAgOJuQj8LXx-iB7a6zTXlDdEoH10TNRTDetonate: Trident 3 in water attunement, chills foes
  • tGc9QV1ow2odq8PaaE_aZpKZKunSC2E8uw5_-GQEAir Bubble: Trident 4 in air attunement, float
  • 32KESzEKvHutKlhu6yd8u65rCRxvkVSoRVmJsOdtLightning Cage: Trident 5 in air attunement, stuns foe
  • PNEYzehYqWxYoYJM2jlZfojo7IZwzF6U7vPVrZXUMagnetic Current: Trident 3 in earth attunement, pulls you to foe
  • gFoMUNfudaA1gZE7bmZ_5ITZW5kt2EntQZ1JKz1iRock Armor: Trident 4 in earth attunement, sinks foe
  • 7AL-aBFM3A4nJnuv0PLILPkt5TximNrmuUy9zQC2Murky Water: Trident 5 in earth attunement, blinds foe

Utility Skills:

  • IlyALPPCWjMugjzMTK3QB3v_pXmZWENwF0j9lBKGConjure Earth Shield
    • Skill 1 rjH8q8Y0g9JjGqSoY9qiOXwDHWiPqKpjDOQcf3haCrippling Shield: Cripples foes (3rd in chain)
    • Skill 3 uk2WWcC9JNIXfBDlz5H-700BVMU5LhcT15L2Or6lMagnetic Surge: Dazes foe
    • Skill 5 Qv-dIDL6ebxuJsQs6Ru_JepTyn-pM1klzhiUAkzhMagnetic Shield: Pulls foe
  • MHzXW6gBPBSJMy_5BCnrV9b-mkL7g2MSSNhATHLdConjure Ice Bow
    • Skill 3 w8MCGajN4Ups9VtoBbKg7Sg01WNlJo5cLqzuTQ7XFrost Fan: Chills foe
    • Skill 5 TZ-pe__2IgIUJa0pxPzdV3J16aHXVKPdtHBSXZvnDeep Freeze: Freezes foe
  • JHIzqN5Zl6q4TVoDlkQKWo-vWwbCji8E00pYN5kUConjure Lightning Hammer
    • Skill 5 wiEFeOGeuBBsUrJ8kwk-VLenyOu85-lzWvYra9AqStatic Field: Stuns foe
  • Pmz4lAilWPLmEIW6CpcSSzCY7B7I_og-8B1kIb7sGlyph of Elemental Power: Inflicts conditions based on attunement
    • XvZWlasnv1_wE0s_kQ6iN2hjoOsDnSOHKsCoCs6zWater attunement: Chills foe
  • j4rmrpcU1pLsKh_2d1BKq9SAl0Jo8eASmxirOOMuGlyph of Storms: Creates a storm based on attunement
    • HnDOq9y7b-5lDsnMTnZvEsX4S0auOAXOEO6meE-qIce Storm: Chills
    • eXS4qDWA4mTN1ciCQYdkRMIcgWvm8L7RRRkEpW_0Sandstorm: Blinds
  • oolFxpfKhydEPl3Ya4t5OqSr4OU6kepXPqP-efZBSignet of Air - Active: Blinds foe
  • 0W8REXvzs0BpZRhKkyInYfln9rlT41F8uapIclaBSignet of Earth - Active: Immobilizes foe
  • zLT87ArBrF_woL4hBXCXvtbgKK0jAVdFbgxZqGNfSignet of Water - Active: Chills foe
  • cu4t5ObIrocYQIhEG0a0BWy8Gv73xzVh_LEMVhoD”Aftershock”: Cripples and immobilizes foe [Note: Must be traited for Tempest]
  • TnP0_Dekgq5GfylgvCYG2gbJ6AJPpIsBx6h0JsSj”Flash-Freeze”: Chills foes [Note: Must be traited for Tempest]
  • JO_YvM4KNGFGM6tNnXNRksrI7P7nY-2I16zcVkKyGlyph of Elementals
    • Water Attunement -  8-7C5pRLpQzC6pl941VW9C8EEmei2h7_Nvu6WD1JCrashing Waves: Knockback
    • Air Attunement -  _T2EQZQL2AI9Mn7pLcC1qzPVH6cnSBOAovzorg0VShocking Bolt: Stuns foes
    • Earth Attunement -  m9ZIA0SxItgRVOoCftnsKbU7kpQPeUdz23j6cNRBStomp: Cripples foes
  • tcNMAugRkmDDGeSU-nsAS_WmTDPeYTD-TKzvfQBQTornado: Launches foes
    • Skill 2  UAgjbYlTYU-4bMP9jppYu2CmkJ6dHyjPMlS-61FGDust Tornado: Blinds foes
    • Skill 3  J-gOY0ik4rGbd5KjqmXQjT6uE5uZfVYdoY5VcAgfDebris Tornado: Knockback
    • Skill 4  BuJZ8cmhewt6ubD76dTOxgaZ37wXLGArNFfbekhAElemental Requiem: Cripple as debris tornado
    • Skill 5  6IBMY52YJ2ahtfFxLwUC39H9cmajBbuyb-0-MrozDust Charge: Knockback
  • ZitwNNqxprMBWIROzp6HihCAkq6ygmntJ2e0gWd6Whirlpool: Pulls foes

Downed/Drowned Skills:

  • 4SYYwCMDPQYrCHu9JvAYeKVTzZmvFpIsQ9C3-b5OGrasping Earth: Immobilizes foes
  • T3NhfEST8-iEjwjgettS0CKApmiU1d7ctYiz7QaCSteam Vent: Blinds foes

Profession Skills:

  • 56b2nPp9eRFCWwPaQZHDWU4iA9hqY1AyOYfni-HQOverload Earth: Cripples foes [Note: Must be traited for Tempest]



Weapons Skills:

  • gQFvXGU-0DQbodba1pcZ5U1MrFpX-sckhb6FcZGnPhantasmal Berserker: Greatsword 4, cripples foes
  • E4nFb6Lq0O0YimW6nVUObTe_e7KlDxlQOAiCMnSoIllusionary Wave: Greatsword 5, pushes foes
  • ju5XE5qbwL8Bf3THZcCVt_blXIfC0mhyLtPaiMBeWinds of Chaos: Staff 1, applies random conditions on foes
  • P0PVgnGXiKC4HzMztSWPIIMwZrlu9Wb_ZlVKx7hkChaos Armor: Staff 4, applies random condition to foes
  • 5Pp8HHTDKjvkOQTd8gaZJxDynuujSBOIXQILUrBIChaos Storm: Staff 5, applies random condition to foes
  • 9F6gCtrMW0Y1ficvWgsVSC6Su2IJd9XvCPh7Yps9Illusionary Counter: Scepter 2 -> 8nh4fbQAHYaOdVFw0oPHtghSR__3PFIgCzTheaRgCounterspell: Blinds foe
  • K6KxayHgZge19EqdusZQ7iFRYh4mUoCgIwUq9wU5Illusionary Leap: Sword 3, cripples foes -> JJ7wscu78knxsEJW5Xxz-NinMz7v22VyJU7tNIeLSwap: Immobilizes foes
  • xLFGS4CuHkT1fRKuGJPVVIQjMUcuKRWV2HC8LrRBIllusionary Riposte: Sword 4 -> Ig94wtkAjRtcd4_P0-HJrI018TjxPRo52vAGM3RRCounter Blade: Dazes foes
  • crGNMxh27l6Xx6cam4s7vrgaqHfBEg3-9RskZCQqTemporal Curtain: Focus 4, cripples foes -> ej1RTKi923LMZOHKzqNifQQNyRuIITOXrmWRiYohInto the Void: Pulls foes
  • 89v2_eaGtZhpr51ZnJdtsyW5dwGiOJ7aIwzF2CchPhantasmal Warden: Focus 5, immobilizes foes
  • lZUuLqnkoQ7RCYj2KJYoh-ZXs8NttNdanvCmOJO_Magic Bullet: Pistol 5, stuns, dazes, and blinds foes
  • 4YPNzaAblS3Mfoqiknu90VWMWuaN9XDmxehEOWSiThe Prestige: Torch 4, blinds foes
  • z8IGhNzygNVYNa6jBkQ-2ApJ58xC9CzX4lPn9ejrSlipstream: Spear 4, pushes foes
  • wuvk9TywaBve-yyYJG3No-ehe4ghKtC_0YP7ovH4Vortex: Spear 5, pulls foes
  • ilJ7rEP_pT42RJo1iVZTLKZhVapG2aZm11ZzAXf9Blinding Tide: Trident 2, blinds foes
  • qQ9Z8k5BLxp85u7lAwVeXibvkdWM8_QjJ26Qk7duIllusion of Drowning: Trident 5, sinks foes

Utility Skills:

  • 7ZoO0Qol3DyyIb03y_7jaXJU7I8YCge1h22-SoRAArcane Thievery: Sends 3 of your own conditions to foes
  • dghkG0-CWu4uvlFAohhCS6843GULXWQ4JFUICrVKSignet of Domination: Active - Stuns foes
  • 00fG_HgAWwebmzNBGPCbWS4ys8etp57IWO8zwM19Signet of Midnight: Active - Blinds foes
  • -xI7i5XdiFTl4114BSZXEa-UXFHDbLRJMrQBdbQUSignet of Humility: Transforms foes (moa)
  • wvFY6c2OrfuWzD6UFwufVOzwt9GCYx2V5lgi0dEkTime Warp: Slows foes
  • TWn2rF8AkcYppZKLL7aX7i-nNYRcCPDbTm5UBC8ZWell of Action: Slows foes [Note: Must be traited for Chronomancer]
  • raq6VDLpMuljnkOTnH_Y9OO64D35vF4fL_xFwjxhWell of Calamity: Cripples foes [Note: Must be traited for Chronomancer]
  • Nz0w8mHCQpVD8KbgB1-7nVCAsjegi24WgCpm6p2SWell of Recall: Chills foes [Note: Must be traited for Chronomancer]
  • uMNMBHJyPXGO5b8yorA1YeL6eGpfsgR7HyK8YoyKGravity Well: Knocks down, floats, or pulls foes [Note: Must be traited for Chronomancer]

Profession Skills:

  • -SdqVY0SJjV5WjNyGDNDQBArqBuBMDwiFjMqIFJfDiversion: Dazes foes



Weapon Skills:

  • Y7yWl9wdrHepAwUu9eROuZnJU45bQfMyVk-pEcZIChillblains: Staff 3, chills foes
  • Wc2UEb1Ac2F-bdYWPNQ81ei2CgfKP-pR5ljhEZ64Putrid Mark: Staff 4, transfers conditions from you to foes
  • L_o-T9G-_0NoKdKNtMoXWY7IiFfC4pGVopHaGyesReaper’s Mark: Staff 5, fears foes
  • OYbinuvbeBgYvdwBUYBd1Jk7YVEDiOnGWpDP8qc5Unholy Feast: Axe 3, cripples foes
  • QPaaBXLSzRbU6EbZvjNpD848cyGQx2yKhUcBArUrGrasping Dead: Scepter 2, cripples foes
  • 2Sf05J8-a4A9BTTas_3Yc598aJQlFPQk5crR27jfDark Pact: Dagger 3, immobilizes foes
  • UPoL2jTmYo8XF8mLInCzBsY196DpmAH3KhDd4hrVDealthy Swarm: Dagger 4, blinds and transfers conditions from you to foes
  • wMSn9-eGwdWLv4dpzjOfzLW_pEMAhMcMHODk7fgNEnfeebling Blood: Dagger 5, applies weakness
  • C9AXw217Q4CqPeDevrnh9xn4Lk8DWlfPghs0fOm2Spinal Shivers: Focus 5, chills foes
  • BREz-wpcqTokST01pSxTfQVVUBbVBU2qHgfJwDnLWall of Doom: Warhorn 4, dazes foes
  • VUltQShWH8QrXOaQjmNrl8CbS_CCTXqckhT1lsDjLocust Swarm: Warhorn 5, cripples foes
  • EI7VffXIYWOkbJlQs8cnbLjLFhUJOxosK48FzwRDDeadly Catch: Spear 4, cripples and pulls foes
  • DkG447K8Qyy9CQ7rfv_MQSG3anxHsXBp4-3rr_dfDark Spear: Spear 5, pulls foes
  • I9kA1XHtKPxgktQ2Y5oqV_Yv3Pk7VsmHfHY2HO75Feast: Trident 2, applies weakness
  • rRXOFJUyGcQ7C6PDW5xy__D8UAtlwWW3xWIwVBPTSinking Tomb: Trident 4, sinks foes
  • _intptcCKObVqFcpv5_UGXMvEfONI8BZNSS-Rv9pFrozen Abyss: Trident 5, chills foes
  • RDJrQcjIKqj-govKsg5Q_L3z41UC0-i0y4P_TtV8Dusk Strike, Greatsword 1 -> CvgGzR0L8J_VY28ho-YQNqsacQu0vQv51C6CBhmoFading Twilight ->smBixc-idGm9d9LcOyofhe-QTtZmYUjJuzfYE3VNChilling Scythe: chills foes [Note: Must be traited for Reaper]
  • GFMm1ZgdpSYmd3nppUYx7mb7zmax9V8nFxNDtoIWNightfall: Greatsword 4, applies conditions [Note: Must be traited for Reaper]
  • QRZzHg-KzHwd0VZNVM6-211oB633SGNqidq58RH3Grasping Darkness: Greatsword 5, chills and pulls foes [Note: Must be traited for Reaper]

Utility Skills:

  • mAgqfLzcHCvxJWkQ88tZx9_IlJ5_4_Z2Q4GkZTYCCorrupt Boon: Transforms your boons to negative conditions on foes
  • xxcJ_2Tf8q7O_ETmBJXmz6_LbHF8KwGVDY2T9hp5Epidemic: Transfers conditions from you to foes
  • Lak9_YZGTKIvQFXDp7YnamkkZ1mSI-jxjoSSUlqbSummon Bone Fiend: Cripples foes every 10 seconds -> 8IS_T4i9nZsDBS4lSH_sIGL7UI7eD0bbaJHoRWgCRigor Mortis: Immobilizes foes
  • XexKyyyTGDxIXvkFiqZoTi6jj8yCrcdr9STYnZCrSummon Shadow Fiend -> 42OsotuDmOEAGB-mTW20cwgjU_xKw1kq7AY-pzApHaunt: Blinds foes
  • ETm2CK3Wnz15xhUv94sERImlJ-1W3CsEzJ1TY0yxPlague Signet - Active: Transfers conditions to foe
  • cleeq8KJ16gJRdxtTGJ_NyTdxCK-n1vQNP0c0PhxSignet of Spite - Active: Blinds, cripples, and applies weakness
  • UKBXgcIXNMpvCbfgxtP0y3R94DsIL-psLSEQfF65Spectral Grasp: Pulls and chills foes
  • sKPlqyUN5LgfB5iD6u7AvmLGvv2cE034ZwkWLN4CSpectral Wall: Fears foes
  • IpYZZMLYVQ5nGuSNSXfFzu-bdStSzxpxa7Og7n9LWell of Corruption: Converts foes boons to conditions
  • wZiNz_jHeHWFfpUUiICSmeB0693EP-fpwUJTUSAlWell of Darkness: Blinds foes
  • ci63Nn8vgYRZp1J2LrtE7IKtSFkE4oQ9ooRlQBdyLich Form
    • Skill 3 7ykzUqnbMvJT39qfOx-KKG7I-J4H6-aPLJhN57cTChilling Wind: chills and pushes foes
  • JpGop0hGbpvfT7ERrMphVwz6tMnzpz3w-NPcV1ZGPlaguelands: Inflicts conditions
  • TxiCp6X5ItyeRcwUENIPorRmmdz6iz2TgXCQ2_dSSummon Flesh Golem -> dE0eiPbRVqJnjYq9v1d6n_q5IrWS8jnY-V4igRB2Charge: Knocks foes down
  • J-Mx_y7yXbp6ZQJtdrQMrOh8wMMyU4UZfcn7C4GC”Suffer!”: Chills foes [Note: Must be traited for Reaper]
  • gen9M1Ajt5ZWEX6gLTxroSIWZX2087MbwPj7-kYK”You Are All Weaklings!”: Applies conditions [Note: Must be traited for Reaper]
  • hxjZmhWHLX8ZubuEeziTFG5c9NQwqokaUa9R-0bt”Chilled to the Bone!”: Freezes foes [Note: Must be traited for Reaper]

Downed/Drowned Skills:

  • WXb7K7BxMR0w_vsRyznQV-TunxixyOv__HTR-a_ZFear: Fears foes

Profession Skills:

  • -OJyR5iqjgfdcS-wB29Zk9ghI2yNRmNFpVMNegZNDeath Shroud
    • Terrestrial Skill 2 Dsnrj0OkMke0yCaJ3f89cNlRBVJTX3kg-jSAAuOTDark Path: Chills foes
    • Terrestrial Skill 3 53SbOSPYu1s3AlSSf1_9rAHHa3a3o-xZahzI3dBNDoom: Fears foes
    • Terrestrial Skill 5  tPZTBkbJrf8_lc2SlRHarakbrU-yOpe2TuwmAGFLTainted Shackles: Immobilizes foes
    • Aquatic Skill 1  x2kg7gq7u_uX9xmBwJrcZ2rdhNm5BrVcPK5_Ioy9Plague Blast: Transfers 1 condition
    • Aquatic Skill 2  xk585Zf9rEXvKfmxaU3nK4ZA7p5h-TwsS9ZwF3HJDark Water: Blinds foes
    • Aquatic Skill 3  dECS6TuanRz5yna40eODuldfbZKbkkKHtlu9wnUyWave of Fear: Fears foes
    • Aquatic Skill 5  tPZTBkbJrf8_lc2SlRHarakbrU-yOpe2TuwmAGFLTainted Shackles: Immobilizes foes
  • mU9ciHp5s8nNxwOEDXwoKXQGmTLybDgk3hbBjoyVReaper’s Shroud [Note: Must be traited for Reaper]
    • Skill 3 JdeyBb27hX2OF0hx5A8vyg94CU-qrSMg9MHUPaVQInfusing Terror -> jastCUkJsQlMAEnQPdZMh-m_DNTbzoVbqdNB33jjTerrify: Fears foes
    • Skill 5 YFX4gjfFFviOG-UP5872T3bJIO8t_tdARif4sUzGExecutioner’s Scythe: Stuns foes

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