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I Need a New Name

What Should I Change My Name Into?  

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  1. 1. What Should I Change My Name Into?

    • Asurru
    • Denevva
    • Uzorra
    • Ametie
    • Got a Better Idea? Let me Know! (It might be taken, though)

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Okay. It's time to bring this saga to a close. My Asura Elementalist Main is in need of a new name, and because it's been 5 years since launch, getting a new name that sounds Asura-ish has been really hard. Luckily I have been able to reserve four names, and while they aren't the only names I can possibly have, they are probably the best chances I have at a decent name since so many others have already been taken. They are:


1. Asurru

2. Denevva

3. Uzorra

4. Ametie


I'd like to know which name do you think I should choose, though I will have final say on what my Ele will be called in the end. While I'm letting you guys help me out on this one and this is all in good fun of course, I'd like for people to take this a bit seriously since I may have to permanently drop "Spicca" as a name for good, and this new name will probably be what you will call me going forward.


If you would like to let me know what you think I should be called, make sure to answer the poll!

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