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DISCLAIMER: The treasurer list updates according to what upgrades are available! So if you donate a certain mat up to what limit we are asking at a particular time and then that material comes up on the list again, we're not ripping you off! xD  Available upgrades depend on how many upgrades we already have, and we still have many to unlock, so this list will be updated! We thank you in advance for your help on this. :3


If you're not in Timelords, but still wishes to help, DO NOT donate to individuals. We can provide you an invite to Timelords, and in the case of one's not having a guild slot available, we can invite you back to your original guild! I ask that all donations be made to the treasurer. (I myself am in Tribulation, The Teq Squad, Twinkie, Tequatl Terror & in Teleportation)

If you don't know how to donate materials directly to the guild hall and not to a player, here goes:




This is the Guild Treasurer's location, right by the main GH WP!



Here you can see the actual NPC.


You can also access your material storage in the Guild Hall by interacting with the scribing station (even if you're not a scribe, just like with any other crafting station):



And here it is, right by the gathering nodes! (the workshop)




The list will look like this once you interact with the treasurer:






Current materials needed (as of August 2nd 2017):

  • 1122 Elder Wood Planks (1128 out of 2250):
    • Needed for several arena upgrades, and war room upgrades.
  • 300 mithril ore (1950 out of 2250):
    • Needed for several arena upgrades, and war room upgrades.
  • Ley-line infused tools: THESE WILL BE PROVIDED BY TTS COMMANDERSHIP! Don't you worry.
  • 96 PvP potions (4 out of 100):
    • Needed for arena upgrades (PvP mission slot and arena brawling type)
  • 265 Opal Orbs (235 out of 500):
    • All for "arena brawling: free-for-all fighters"
  • 80 Major Runes of Holding (0 out of 80):
    • Needed for "WvW guild claiming: towers"
  • 10 Empty Kegs (0 out of 10)


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