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OCE Events Changes - Suggestion

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Hey TTS peeps, 


So, before I get into this, I would like to emphasise that this is just a mere suggestion, and my own opinion about things I see in the game, it doesn't have to come true if you see otherwise :P


So I only knew TTS a few years ago because of their successful Triple Trouble runs. I wanted to get all the achievements so I waited to see when they usually do their runs... It was an opportunity that can't be done whenever TT timer comes up and people usually skip to another world boss. It's known as one of the games hardest bosses, and it still to this day needs organizing which is not something random people could do in a few minutes. TTS for me, has been the guild that focuses on hard events, to make it easy on people, because we have the communication, as well as the leadership to do it. That's why I feel like Wednesday's HoT events should be substituted with something else. 


VB/AB/TD/DS all can be done whenever since it got much much easier for people to join a random map and succeed without AS much organizing done beforehand. I feel like focusing on something else that people struggle with getting because of the lack of communication/leadership is Dry Top (I know I know I hate it too). But thinking about it, many people desperately need a T6 map for their collections and other stuff, and not a single guild is known to do that during OCE timezone while SAND/DTOP does it during NA only. 


idk that's my thought to be honest, I feel like with what we have, it's nice to focus on something that many people need and have trouble succeeding in, since the highest tier possible without organizing is T4 and that's sometimes barely. 


Anyways, lemme know what you think!


EDIT: Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes ._.





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We do include Dry Top as an option on the poll for Community Chooseday, which is Tuesday night OCE time (Tuesday 11am UTC). Recently it got a few votes but was beaten out by Current Events achievements. I highly recommend you show up on Tuesdays, you never know when it will end up being Dry Top.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Building on what Saevai mentioned, I question how much demand there is for us to run Dry Top given that we offer it for Community Chooseday and I don't recall it ever taking the majority vote. That said, perhaps we're not attracting the members that are interested in running Dry Top and I am assuming that the demand is present for HoT maps.

On the note of difficulty in organisation, I think it's worth mentioning that I see Tangled Depths fail regularly, almost exclusively due to Nuhoch Lane not being organised well enough. Heck, I borked a run not too long ago because I got overconfident.

I'm loath to cut out HoT events entirely since we are still working towards gold statues for both Terror and Tickle.

Curious to hear others' thoughts here.

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