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Spicca's Supernovas are Recruiting!

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Hi all! We at Spicca's Supernovas are currently looking for a couple of fun folks to join our static clear group! We are currently in need of people who can run at least ONE of the following roles:


1. Chronomancer (Any boon duration build, but prefer tanking experience)

2. Condi PS Warrior 

3. Condi Ranger/Druid 


We also ask that people who sign up to have kill experience in at least 7 of the 13 bosses, and have at least looked up video guides for any bosses they have not killed yet (see Dulfy or WoodenPotatoes on Youtube). We will also consider those who at least reach the final phase of a boss despite not getting the kill.


Supernovas currently run on Wednesday and Saturday from 2PM UTC to 4PM UTC, with Sunday reserved for missing kills.


If you think the schedule is a good fit for you, then feel free to mail me at 'iPlayForFree.1524' or 'Spicca'. Please don't forget to mention what roles you can play and your level of experience.

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I have condi ranger.


I'm working on my condi ps gear right now 05/16/2017.


I have kill experience as magi druid, power ps, DD, necro, condi mesmer/ranger.

W1 - VG, Gors, SAB

W2 - Sloth, Trio, Matt

Escort Glenna, KC, Samarog


I'm still looking for raid training on Cairn, Xera, and Deimos sadly this past week no training raid wants to do those...

My schedule is always changing, because of work. But if i can get a day and time for static raid a week early, i can set that day to get on and join you.

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On 5/7/2017 at 5:42 PM, Qaezie said:

I'm a noob xD /hug

I'm very sorry ... but my random (multiple) disconnect from the server is hitting me hard.

I always love to join raid and play with friends to achieve boss kill. I wanted to farm Li if there's any possibility / chance give but when you become a burden and cause the raid team to carry your corpse? This is darn shi.tty if you call yourself a friend / raid team.


I'm deeply sorry for all this while carrying my thru all bosses ... conclusion: Never every raid again unless I can 100% confirmed I will not dc. My sincere apologies. /hug

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