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Spear Of Flame

Who is Lazarus Poll

Who is Lazarus?  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you think is Lazarus?

    • The real Lazarus (minus an aspect)
    • One of the human gods (ie Balthazar)
    • Champ/Minion of Kralkatorrik
    • Champ/Minion of Other Elder Dragon (Bubbles?)
    • The WM Supreme leader and/or Justiciar Bauer
    • Mr. E
    • Someone related (parent/sibling) to Kasmeer
    • Scarlet
    • Countess Anise
    • Jennah
    • Gleam
    • Taimi/Zojja (or some other member of DE2.0 / or DE 1.0)
    • Palawa Joko
    • Lord Faren
    • Glenna - our puppy
    • Some other NPC we/Kasmeer knows that comes back out of nowhere

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So who do people think Lazarus will be when its (hopefully) revealed on Tuesdays patch?  I think I've got all the (non joke) suggestions from the reddit thread(s).

(tempted to give 1 or 2g to people who vote for the correct one, if any of them actual are actually correct)


(was gonna include Bunny, but that would just get all the votes like the other poll got...)

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hmm.  looks like theres no way to just close the poll (or I'm just missing it).  Only thing I can find is remove question, but that'd get rid of the votes (I think).


And now that the patch is out, I've taken a screenshot of the numbers. So when I finish the story, if any of them turn out to be correct I'll try to mail out the gold.

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