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Multitasking whilst playing GW2

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Last week I had the pleasure of staying with my Bestie and Her Husband, the ppl who introduced me to GW2. As all opportunities to stay with them involve us having gaming time I was excited, but I was nervous too because they have a 5 week old who of course requires a lot of attention. During the weekend the little guy was a bit unsettled, which at times made things difficult.... until I discovered actually I'm an awesome pillow. Not only am I an awesome pillow, but I have the coordination to hold and soothe the baby enough that he slept on me whilst playing GW2.


So I can comfort a baby/ be the pillow/mattress for a baby and play gw2 at the same time...


What multitasking have you tried whilst playing and was it an epic win or an epic fail?


(what I'm not so good at is dealing when the baby wees on me out the side of his nappy whilst I'm playing... playing stopped at that point though that may have more to do with the needing to run and have a shower than anything else)

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