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Forum Maintenance [Concluded]

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Tomorrow, the Forums will go down at approximately 9 AM CST for approximately 2 hours of maintenance work. There will be a forum reshuffle to remove areas of the forum that are rarely used. The topics inside of these forums will be moved into generalized sections. 



This maintenance includes the following:



  • Minor font-size adjustments
  • Fixed bugs with the leader board colour scheme.
  • Breadcrumb navigation is now pure CSS
  • Profile page receiving improvements for tablets/mobiles
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Three new wallpapers have been added.



  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Images embedded in the editor can now have an alternative title set for accessibility
  • Users signing in through social services, such as Facebook, will no longer be required to validate their email address
  • Cropping Animated GIF's for photos is now supported when ImageMagick is in use
  • imgur embedded is now supported
  • Auto-saved content in the editor will now expire after 48 hours
  • If you load an editor that has previous auto-saved content you will now be prompted to keep or remove it
  • There are now more "save and reload" options in various places to keep your place when editing content or settings
  • Tags can now be quickly edited when viewing an item
  • Display name history is now available on profile view
  • Leaderboard



  • codepen.io
  • coub.com
  • deviantart.com
  • docs.com
  • funnyordie.com
  • gettyimages.com
  • iFixit.com
  • kickstarter.com
  • meetup.com
  • mixcloud.com
  • mix.office.com
  • on.aol.com
  • reddit.com
  • reverbnation.com
  • screencast.com
  • screenr.com
  • slideshare.net
  • smugmug.com
  • ustream.tv
  • Google Maps (requires free Google API key)


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59 minutes ago, Spear Of Flame said:

Leaderboards? Well that one way to find all the old leaders/commanders :lol:


No imgur in that embed list?


As usual, thanks for your work Ailarin/Erik. 


Imgur embeds were separated into the "forum" section, because there was a lot of back-end work to make them work.


I'd say try it.

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19 minutes ago, Spear Of Flame said:

It was just nitpicking, since that was a list of embedable stuff (which imgur is now/again). :frown:



(cool. gif galleries works too. )



Kitties so cute ;w;

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