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Khangga = Xangxa

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Hey, all.  Sorry for the belated introduction considering I first joined TTS back in 2014. I returned at the end of last summer, and I'm pretty quiet on Teamspeak. Although, I can't resist playing y'all the occasional snippet of music when the situation merits (e.g., Chicken Dance when doing the Guild Rush in Fields of Ruin, or Hampsterdance when Aeseld says we need more hamsters, etc.).  I have a huge 10,000 song library that's eclectic (from Frank Sinatra to Celldweller, Charlie Daniels to Bruno Mars, Collabro to PMJB).  My wife says I have a soundtrack in my head with a song for most everything (Her: "I'm thinking of going to Chattanooga to see my Mom this weekend, wanna go?"  Me: plays "Should I stay or should I go?" by the Clash).


My love for the arts never became a career and I switched from an art major to IT and never regretted it. I work as a Sr. Systems Analyst in the HQ of a large federated company (we own newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, Autotrader.com, Cox Cable, Kelly Blue Book and even a coffee plantation). I serve as the Alpha Geek on our IT team, and I'm frequently solicited for gadget and technology advice in general.


Consequently, it's no surprise that gaming has been a part of my life since PONG and the MERLIN handheld. But for over a decade Guild Wars 1 & 2 have been my focus.  I've never had the twitch skills to achieve more than "adequate" in competitive play, so PvE and relishing the Living Story is what I do most.  All my toons have a first name of Khangga (e.g., Khangga Zoo is my Ranger, Khangga Dirge is my Necro, etc.).  Khangga is a compromise for XANGXA (people mistakenly pronounce each X as a Z instead of a guttural Chi/Kh so I'm forced to use the "Khannga" spelling instead).  The name Xangxa is the name given to me by cannibals in Papua New Guinea when I lived among them in the 80s.  It means "The Tall One" although I've joked it would now mean "Feeds Family of 8."  So Xangxa represents the adventurer, explorer, and traveler side of me and what I use for GW2.

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