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GreyishWolf reporting for ...

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So recently I've been looking on reddit for a guild on NA servers that also runs during EU time, basically people referred me here.

I'll maybe start out explaining what I do on BlackGate as a Belgian player (EU), well it's all [NINE]'s fault for getting me into wvw so I moved with them from WSR to BG when they decided to go back "home".

Now since I'm on around EU times (20utc - 02-03utc) I find it hard to find opportunities to do raids or triple trouble for example.

That i'm hoping to find with TTS.


In return I can offer you:  "yet another commander tag".

I run multi map meta events in Auric Basin and I enjoy commanding sandstorms in Dry Top.

Next to all that I have some experience in wvw and pvp and a huge interest in anything the game has to offer.


That's all

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Would you mind providing your account name (with numbers) so that an invite can be sent out to the EU guild, Timelords?


Our calendar has the events for each timezone in regards to what time they run.

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Hey @GreyishWolf

I've sent you an invite to Teq Timelords Squad.
 Sending you a notification here so you remember to check in game. :)

Looking at your reddit history, you may also be interested in our Raid Guild which is dedicated for 10 man Raids.

Info here:

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