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Hello all!


With OCE Static groups going strong, it's time to turn my attention to NA. I'm looking at setting up a static NA group that runs initially at Saturday UTC and hopefully Sunday UTC as well. For you NA'ers, that's Friday / Saturday evening. 


Starting time will be around 1-2AM UTC (just after reset). 


Any experience is welcome! To set the group up for success and to further build our raiding community, the following criteria apply:

  1. Be in Teleportation / Applied for Teleportation
  2. Be in the Slack group and be able to communicate via Slack (See GMOTD)
  3. At least 1 raid ready character
  4. Be able to commit to the majority of raids on a regular basis


If this interests you, reply to this post with your account name, experience, raid ready characters and preferred time to raid in server time (day and time). 


Will be looking to start this Saturday 12th November. 

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Account name: polyserena.5628

Experience: lots of training raids. Killed VG & Gorse, got close to killing Sloth & Sab, have had a few goes at trio and KC, never seen Matt or Xera

Raid ready characters: tempest, magi druid, ps war (power), dragonhunter

Preferred day/time: I'm fine with any of the suggested times. I wouldn't want to go earlier than 1am UTC and I prefer Sunday to Saturday if it's going to only be on one day but both days are fine if it's going to be both.


Having said that I'm actually not free at those times on either day this weekend which I know is a bad look if you're looking to get it started then but that's a total fluke and I'm free pretty much every weekend morning ever aside from this weekend. Which reminds me if this is meant for actual NA timezone people only then disregard since I'm OCE who finds late NA times convenient.

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Account name: Sannah.7401
Experience: I've beaten every raid boss, but I haven't done xera in months so I am a little rusty for that encounter.


  • Ps Warrior
  • Rev
  • Dragonhunter
  • Chronotank
  • Tempest Zerk DPS and Magi Healer
  • Condi Reaper (also has tanking gear)

My preferred times are Saturday/Sunday 1AM UTC - 6AM UTC but it can be a bit earlier/later

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Account name: protoltype.1593

  • Kills/Completions: VG, Gors, KC, Escort, Twisted Castle.
  • Near kills: Sloth, Sab.
  • Trained on: Trio, Xera, Matt


  • Zerker Tempest - 13/13 ascended with infusions
  • Magi Druid - 11/13 ascended without infusions. will have remaining two pieces in the next week or so.

Reset time Sat/Sun works for me but im pretty flexible with times. 

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I will be there o7


eloqen.8297 (or a number of alts)


Regular weekly clears (usually have some issues at Matt).


Experienced classes in order of preference:

- Tempest

- Berserker

- Druid


Also have geared:

- Reaper


I would prefer prior to reset :)

I will be there anyway :P

Edited by Carrie

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Account name: AlphaDelilas.2873

Experience: beaten VG 5 times, beaten Gors 2 times, beaten escort 2 times, and fought Sloth 2 times, but no wins against him.

Ready characters: Zerker Tempest (full ascended gear with staff, dagger, warhorn, and focus)

Preferred time: Saturday UTC around reset (I have epic nerd D&D on Sunday UTC so I can't do raids then :<)

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Account name: Madzharov.7530
Experience: A total of 16 LI, beaten VG, Gors, Sloth, Trio and Escort 3 times each (actually have a bit of experience leading Gors), Mathias once out of 3 different training runs. Multiple KC attempts and 1 Sab attempt, although I know the fight (hard to find training raids for Sab).

Ready characters: DPS/Healer Tempest, PS power warrior, Thief, Dragonhunter, Herald(rip).. Chrono  as well, but need more practice with the new version.

Preferred time: Saturday UTC around reset is fine, as I'd like to join the TTS PAC training raids later; Friday I'm free after 11 pm est (4am utc I think..?), as I work evenings.

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Account Name: solstice.1847

Experience: About 60 LI, but mainly from the easiest encounters.  I've seen all the fights, but the group I've been raiding with hasn't attempted wing 2 in months.  I'm least experienced on Matt, Sab, and Xera.

Raid-ready characters: PS Warrior (preferred), DH (I've done hammer, & have the gear for sword/scepter torch, but would need practice), DD (I know it's not meta-optimal now).  I could probably also do condi-ranger (non-druid) with some advance warning.  My tempest is geared, but I'm frankly awful at it.

Preferred time: Sunday reset


Depending on how long you want a session to be, I could potentially also do Saturday reset, but I would need sessions to be no more then 3 hours in length, in that case.


Thanks for trying to organize this Merforga!





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Account Name: December Rains.3074

Experience: My experience includes downing VG and gors. I watch various streams on raids and read up on the various encounters so learning will not be the issue. The issue was finding a team of players with like minded raid goals and I hope I have found a new home here. 

Raid Ready Characters: I have a fully asc geared staff tempest that runs the staff DPS build or FA staff DPS build and have plenty of experience with as it is my main character. I have done all content in the game from PvE to PvP getting various champion titles and The Ascension as well as T100 fractals and completing Ad Infinitum with the dungeon master title. Raids is the only content that I have left to master. I am also working on getting a fully asc geared condi support druid that should be ready in a month. 


Friday and Saturday nights work well for me as long as we start past 2am UTC on Fridays. 


Thank you very much for your time and response.



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I am very interested in joining this group.


Account name: Rioghnach.8094

Experience: I am still fairly new to raids with 16 LI and I am eager to improve. I have most experience with VG and have also done a few Gorseval kills as well as completed Escort. I have some experience with Sabetha, Slothasor and KC. 


Raid ready characters: Most experience with healing druid and condi necro. Also have experience with my daredevil thief, dragon hunter guardian, revenant, and condi ranger. I am working on making a condi ps warrior raid ready.


Time: flexible. I can raid on Fri and Sat evenings NA time.




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Account Name: Grimjack.8130

Experience: 8 man experience on every boss, as well as 6 man's on VG and Slothasor.

Raid Ready Characters: I have the most experience on Condi Ranger, PS warrior, and Daredevil. I have every other class geared except chronomancer.

Time: Almost whenever I'm not on the character select screen or offline I will be able to raid

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Hey all


Quick update. Times have been semi finalised. 

- Saturday 3AM UTC (Friday 7PM PST,  10PM EST)
- Sunday 1AM UTC (Saturday 5PM PST, 8PM EST)


Please ensure you are also in slack and responsive. Non responsive people are dead to me


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