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Craft/Hobby Time! What do you do IRL?

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So I'm an unapologetic cross-stitcher, crocheter and random other crafts producer of mostly unfinished projects. I know other people have their own hobbies they work on! Right now I've decided to work on my afghan I've been slowly working on over the years.



Post your pictures and update progress! Whether it's collections, computers, arts and crafts! I'd love to see!

Afghan 1.jpg

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I am a writer who loves to go to New Orleans for my inspiration:


The streets are dark and desolate, and the many patches of graffiti and spiked metal gates tell me this is a place my mom would kick my ass if she found out I was here at this house in this city. But I can not help what is pulling me though the back alleys of New Orleans. The music had hit my ears and traveled to the place most jazz music come from, the soul.
I finally find its source, a family brass band. They are just children with none looking older than any of my high school students. But their faces look as worn as their tattered black shirts and stained blue jeans. However, their hands and lips do not reflect their weariness in their bodies. They play a sensual and uplifting jazz tune for the flash mob that has formed in front of them to celebrate this moment in their lives. Free style dancing takes hold. The music taking shape in each individual coming out in any form that person needs to express.
The band plays for what seems like a few short moments before their instruments go silent. The crowd’s instant expression is one of gratitude for this moment that they got to celebrate and live. Some begin to leave while other still sway to the melody still playing within them. I regret not letting the music go within and find my grandfather’s spirit lodged in my heart. If discovered, I would let loose in a way that would have allowed him to live again flowing forth into the streets in the back alleys of New Orleans. 

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Sadly, I mostly just... make up worlds.


A multiverse with countless universes; some hold magic, others not. Some in stasis, others advancing... and some possess beings known as Gods. Their power can vary, their goals, objectives... but sometimes, they find other worlds. Worlds where no Gods hold sway. Worlds that they can claim, whatever the people who live there might want. Some worlds can oppose them, with tools of great power, or weapons of science. But what of those that lack those tools, that power? What can protect them? That was why The Godslayer Swords were forged. Meant as a tool to oppose those Gods that would overstep their bounds and bend entire universes to their wills, they chose their own wielders from the most powerful warriors and mages throughout all universes. Men, Women, or others; any who can take up the blades and fight for the freedom of those who would not be chained.


Magic is power, and power is what rules the lives of men. The cities and nations of the world are all ruled by the Magi; beings that draw their power from the thoughts and emotions of those they rule. Jealous of their power, they twist realms and cities to reflect their own hunger, the emotion that most powers them and their disciples. And negative emotions... those are the easiest to bring out in others. Fear, Anger, Hatred, Despair... the Gods released this magic into the world long ago, and now, through these Magi, they dominate the  world, and Mankind knows who is to blame; The woman Pandora was the one who opened the Box, the one that released magic into the world. All of those negative emotions. Until one man, a student, decides to call it what it all is; bullshit. The Gods and Magi don't deserve their position, and Pandora was hardly to blame. She was set up to fail from the beginning, and her 'free choice' was nothing but a lie. So, he's expelled. But... well, he always was a talented sort, and he found a new emotion to draw power from, the one that was kept within the Box: Hope.


Sometimes, the greatest power is knowledge, and in when you can travel between worlds, you can acquire a great deal of both. The Guild of Planeswalkers was formed in a world which found the secret to travel between worlds, and even universes, and every world they touched, they changed. They learned from those worlds, could draw power from them. While in their home, they were but one of many, on the many universes and worlds they spread across, they were nearly Gods themselves. But... in an infinite universe, there would have to be others that could find the secret of traveling the planes. And... some are more jealous of their power than others, unwilling to share as they bloat with power and knowledge. And why should they accept a Guild of Hobbyists, who know nothing of true power, who would share instead of dominating. Well... sometimes, we can't all just get along, now can we?


Everyone knows the darkest arts of necromancy are wicked. To enslave and animate the bodies of the dead, to desecrate them and bind them to your bidding. Nothing could be more evil. But... is it not more evil to simply allow those you rule, those under your protection, to die as you fail to guard them? To fail in your oath? For Lord Aeseld (x3) this was a choice he made, and he violated the sanctity of the dead to defend his tiny realm. In the end, he was encircled as his allies and neighbors crumbled, one by one, but his own slice of land was kept safe by a legion of the undying, and the goblins efforts to push in only furnished him with ever more warriors. When the fighting stopped, the goblins finally bled white and broken by the endless fighting, was it time to relax? To let the dead rest? Well... not exactly. Tireless skeletons working in the fields to grow food for the living became the norm. Deathless sentinels stood in the fortresses at the borders, maintaining them under the command of lieutenants with their own peculiar gift of unlife. But what happens when the forces of 'civilization' return and find this abomination of a realm? One built on the backs of the 'honored dead' who weren't really using those bodies anyway? And besides, who really wants to plow a field anyway?


Heh, just... world ideas.

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I like cross stitching I saw an awesome pic of quaggan made out of beads? On Reddit that when I find time I want to use as a cross stitch pattern.  Though I am a danger to myself when using needles... I once buried a cross stitch needle halfway into my hand by accident

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