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NA/PAC Name Change Post

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Alright guys, at the community meeting we discussed whether we should change the PAC name since we are now NA/PAC combined. IF we change, we will not be NA, because that will just confused people, and we want the opportunity for NA to come back one day (via Jacobbs apparently). The vote was split almost evenly 50/50, so we could not in good conscious go with either option.

However, what we can do just to start thinking about it, is thinking of various names the timezone COULD change to. Not saying PAC will change, just could. We can either stay PAC, have NA be a hope in our minds, or change so the two timezones are combined in both, and if NA comes back, we can just go back to the NA and PAC guilds. We will revisit the idea at a later date with the potential name ideas.


If you have any potential ideas for a name change, please comment below and I will add to the list.


NA/PAC name ideas:

-WH (Western Hemisphere)

-NAC (combo of NA/PAC)

-NAP (North American Pacific)



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I don't really see much of a need for the name to change, really. The PAC community at large has incorporated the name as their identity within the TTS substructure, and the ones who have had to assimilate into PAC have already done so without a name change necessary.


Keep it as it is.

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