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TTS Facebook Cover Photo Vote

Vote for the best Cover Photo.   

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It is time to vote on which TTS cover photo will be displayed on our Facebook page. There were great submissions, and then there's Jinn's... enough said. It is time for you to vote which one will be our new Facebook Cover Photo. 


People that vote will be put into a raffle for an Aetherized staff skin. I will contact you via forums if you have won. So remember to check your messages. I will post instructions on the private message. 


First up! We got our very own TTS commander Amerikajinn submission. A very "complex" cover photo. 




Second, we got TamelessTess, displaying our community events throughout the week. A compilation of great screenshots showing what TTS is all about.




Third, we got Lim, showing us some of artistic skills and all of our social media channels. 

3) z7zOb4P.png


Fourth, we got Leonov, with all of the new class specialization. Displaying all the new features in Heart of Thorns. 

4) MzdBeie.png


Fifth, we got Koomaster with all of our social media channel information, and our guild colours. 

5) 2ZKNFHp.png


Sixth, we got Srouc and Tequatl the Sunless. Displaying where we first started. 

6) 63tEDDv.jpg


Last but not least, we got Mute; a last minute submission. Displaying Tequatl the Sunless and many players trying to take it down. I think I see Kantriakhor's summer house in there....


7) JzoiNzD.png


Voting will end on September 15th. So ahead and vote!

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Alright! Voting is closed.


Thanks to all those that participated in the Facebook Cover Photo Contest and everyone that voted.


The winner of the photo contested voted by the community is TamlessTess!


Congratulations! I will contact you through in game mail and you can claim your prize there.


For those that participated, I will send out the constellation prize to 1 of the participants. 


To the people who voted, you will be contacted on the forums. If you don't reply within 24 hours of the private message, I will contact the next person until someone claims the prize. 

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