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"Photographing" TTS Events/Raids

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Hello all!


I have a quick question in regards to taking and uploading screenshots of events held by TTS (TT, KotJ, Teq, etc) to social media outlets such as Tumblr and Instagram.


As some might know, I am very interested in the photography/editing portion of GW2 (as niche as it sounds) and was wondering if I could get permission for a few things such as:


  • Taking screens of TTS events/raids as a whole (and all participants of said events)
  • Editing screens in a tasteful and non-offensive format (only hidden UI screens will be used)
  • Uploading screens to sights such as Tumblr and Instagram
  • Including a #TTSgamers on all screens taken


I think it would be a fun way to "show off" the TTS community even more so to places that might not ever stumble across it!


(and let's be honest, don't you want to see the characters and events you've all worked so hard on in action?!) ;D


Given the volume of people that are part of this community, I'd like to make sure that it would be okay to do this.


If you'd like to expand on this idea or have any questions, please let me know!



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Here's just a few examples of what it would end up looking like: 



These were taken for the #GW2Pride march that happened a little while back.



These were done during a TD event


Very light editing and no usernames would be screenshot.


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Unless things have changed recently, it was usually okay to put screenshots of events up on other locations, as long as they didn't portray [TTS] in a negative fashion, and credit was given where due. That actually used to be a pretty big thing for stuff like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, when there was a group of leaders who focused on media. As long as you follow the rules outlined in the Etiquette section, all things should be fine.


But yah, no recordings, especially audio recordings. Had lots of problems crop up due to that on occasion.

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Now now everyone, no duck face-lookin' poses while doing our full skill rotations hahahah :P Tess, can't wait to see more of your (ermehgerd!) photoshooting talents ^_^ Now excuse me while I go fix my hair to look flawless and partially sponsored by Herbal Essence while doing Teq teeheheeee ;) xo

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