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On behalf of Peanut who is having internet troubles, I am posting to you all his FUN NEW EVENT!



I realized some of you love to Cosplay as a certain character like me! My Ele sort of looks like Gandalf ( i think =X ).

Then if i remember correctly, I have seen someone as Elsa (hint hint you know who you are).


Rules are as below so please make sure to read!


Competition name : Cosplay

Time start : 9th August 2016

Time end : 16th August 2016

Voting date : 17th August 2016 - 20th August 2016 (closing date for voting).

Prize giving : Prizes will be given by your totally awesome COs! 

Location : No special place. After all it is a cosplay!


Rules :

 1. Cosplay any characters they like as long as it's not too 'open' (meaning lack of outfit)

 2. Pictures submitted CANNOT be edited with any tools! Just the print screen .

 3. Pictures are to be posted on Forums in the comments section of this post! The post must include your name and who you are cosplaying as, your account name, your particular TTS guild, and the picture of your character in cosplay!

 4. Winners will be chosen based on voting process similar to Addy's Make-A-Meme last month.

 5. Only 1 character per account is allowed .

 6. (This is the fun part) NO LEGENDARIES ALLOWED.  Ascended/EXOTICS AND below ONLY. 


Prizes :

1st prize 100 g

2nd prize 60g

3rd prize 40 g


How should your post be? See below for an example!



"Peanutbutterbun  as Gandalf the White


OCE Tequtal Terror Squad




So that's how you post it. as long as the image can be seen your done =D Just give it your best shot :)


May the Tastiest Person Wins XD



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This is such a fantastic idea!

I've actually made a character specifically for a cosplaying!! (although she's a year old and still only lvl 20) :D

It was soooo hard to resist editing her! (I LOVE editing photos and all things photography)

But I think she turned out alright! xDDD


Sailor Chiibi Moon as Sailor Chibi Moon!~


PAC Teq Twinkie Squad



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Account name: Madzharov.7530

Character: Iron Charr (name of the character is Iron Madz, but he will always be Iron Charr in our hearts!!)

Cosplaying as: Iron Man

Guild: Teq Timelords Squad

Bonus backstory: Originally from the Iron Legion, Tony Starkers was a genius engineer, responsible for designing many of the Legion's machines of war. When the Molten Alliance first appeared, he was kidnapped by the Flame Legion with the intent to put his brilliance along with Dredge Engineering and Flame Legion magic to create even more devastating weapons of mass destruction. However, Tony tricked the Molten Alliance and built himself an automated suit of armour using Molten magic as a core, which he used to escape to freedom and return back to the Charr Lands. The Iron Legion immediately wanted to use the schematics of the suit to mass-produce more, however after witnessing firsthand the devastation the suit was capable of, Tony took all of his blueprints and the suit, and deserted the Legions. After going to Rata Sum, he perfected the design of his suit and adopted the name Iron Charr, with a new mandate to fly around Tyria and help small communities and towns in the wake of the threat posed by the Elder Dragons.

P.S.: The small golem is known as S.O.P.H.I.E. (Small Obnoxious Paranoid Helpful Intelligent Entity)


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 Duo cosplay! This is an entry for two people, but we wanted to take a picture together!


We're okay with splitting if duo entry wins! We did it for fun!


Account: MissSinfully.2478

Name: Mhistyll | Sonyanna

Guild: Teq Twinkie Squad

Cosplay: Ruby Rose from RWBY




Account: DeadlyPixel.8734

Name: Weiss Schnee

Guild: Teq Twinkie Squad

Cosplay: Weiss Schnee from RWBY


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