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Hello TTS members!
We have a new, fun project for everyone involving my cats. Yup! My cats. My beloved hairballs are pro at taking hysterical faces while I take their pictures. I have been told that their goofy faces are meme worthy. So here I am introducing a fun contest for everyone to participate in: Make-A-Meme! Featuring: Addy's cats, Chester and Marble.
So here is how this works. Below I have attached one picture of Chester and one picture of Marble, clearly marked. How do you make them into a meme you ask? It's easy!
Save the pictures to your own computer. Then, you can use a website such as https://imgflip.com/memegenerator where you can then upload each picture that you just saved. Create something funny, GW related would be awesome since it is something we can relate to, or majority at least can, but outside of GW related topics are welcome to. Then, after you have created this fabulous new meme, save it again to your computer and upload it into the comments section of this post.
There are a couple of rules of course.
1. You must be a TTS member to participate. You also cannot be Kantri.
2. The content has to be PG-13. No vulgarity please. This is to follow TTS rules, as well as the fact that these are my beloved cats and I don't want them to be used for something mean or naughty.
3. You can do up to two submissions, one for each cat. So, you can do one meme for Marble, and one meme for Chester. They can be on the same post. In fact, I recommend it in order to keep things orderly. Choose your memes wisely. 
This contest will run until July 10th, where judging will then commence via two separate polls (one for each cat) for everyone to vote on. Then the results will be released on July 14th. Prizes will be given to the top three memes deemed the funniest or the best by the vote for both cats. So there are 6 chances to win.


Prizes (For each cat):

1st: 50g

2nd: 30g

3rd: 20g
Here are the cat pictures:
And let the contest commence! Have fun, and make me laugh!




P.S. Two examples just to show are posted below.

Made by Raven and Erin. 




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Haha these are great, keep it up!!


And that have to pee one, totally me during TT last night...


Keep in mind that only my cats' faces are up for submission for the prize ;) But totally appreciate Vienna and the kitty on the pot. So true...

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Raven's correct. Only my cats will go to judging. HOWEVER, totally down with seeing the others. They crack me up.



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