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Introducing the TTS Raid Guild!

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The TTS Raid guild is a place for anyone interested in running raids to get together and form groups. The aims of the raid guild are to:

  • Build a welcoming and friendly raiding community
  • Assist and teach those new to raids
  • Build on and create static core groups that aim to clear all released wings each week



The schedule for training and core groups for the raiding guild can be found here: https://goo.gl/jaFOhl


NB: This is separate to the main TTS events calendar



  • Abide by the TTS Etiquette at all times
  • Be honest and respectful
  • Communicate and be responsive. Non-responsiveness = dead person and dead people can't play GW2
  • Always bring your A-Game, food, build and gear
  • Know your class!
  • Use teamspeak (talking not compulsory)



The following are requirements for ALL budding raiders to join and maintain membership to the raid guild:

  • Minimum ascended weapons and trinkets / accessories (exception for accessories for Commanders / Viper)
  • Proof via supply of GW2E link
  • Teamspeak
  • Rep TTS during any 10 man raids 
  • Participation in one training or core raid per month



Teleportation uses Slack to communicate in real time outside of the game. While not compulsory, it is recommended to help build your profile within the guild and to further engage with our raiding community. 

Slack is a free multi-platform communication platform that allows for all of us to communicate when we're away from the game and has helped us stay organised and discuss various topics of interest. You can find more information about the application at http://slack.com


If you'd like an invite to the slack group, please send merforga.4731 an in game mail with your email address. 


Ranks & Active Status



Similar to current commanders. Responsible for administering the guild and ensuring training and core groups are running at designated times. 


Core Groups

Core groups are named groups that run regularly. They will have a separate rank within the guild. To obtain a core group rank a group of members must meet the following requirements:

  • Regular and consistent raid groups weekly (scheduled on the raid calendar)
  • Attendance at training raids and assisting where required



Raiders are not yet assigned to a core group but are within the guild due to interests with raiding. This is the equivalent of the "active member" status in normal TTS guild. To retain this rank, raiders must:

  • Attend a training or core raid at least once a month; and/or
  • Attend a TTS raid at least once a month. A TTS raid is defined as a raid group consisting of at least 50% TTS members.


Inactive Raiders

Inactive raiders will be kicked at the end of every month.



To obtain an invite to this guild, head to this link and put in your details: http://ttsgamers.com/tts-raid-guild/

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