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Hello, never introduced myself, but I'm Lanboost


I joined GW around 2 months ago and TTS around 1.5 months ago.


Been having alot of fun with this game, and espacially TTS so I mostly wanted to thank everyone for having such a great atmosphere.


So about me, I'm swedish, studying computer science and happened on GW (NA specific) because some friends from Runescape played on NA servers (who doesn't play anymore), it was also they who got me into TTS, else I prolly wouldn't play this game.

I mostly run all the events I can from TTS and daily fractals, now trying to get into raiding. I also do alot of reflecting at TT as that boss is the only one that is "hard", so if you have questions etc I'll be glad to help, always need more ppl, and always need more fun ppl.


So talk me up and we can do something fun!


Me and one of the best members in TTS:





P.S Did totally not just do this post to show of my friend

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6 hours ago, Lanboost said:

You people know that azuras are very small, thats why it's hard to see the body... :)

Not that small... >_> but still very cute xD

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