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Guild Roster Consolidation

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Sigh.. I told Merf I would read all this then reply... then I saw a wall of text and decided to just state my opinions and be out with it (my own wall of text... but forgive me... I am a writer lol). >.>


First, I want to give a brief background on why I joined TTS and how I saw them that got me to do so.  I have a coworker that talked about how TTS figured out the original strategy for Teq and TT and it piqued my interest because I am big on figuring out game mechanics quickly and solving them in optimal ways, especially when I find myself helping others with builds based on what they want to do in the game.  I then did a TT and Teq with TTS and enjoyed listening to the after-report on what was done well or not.  It seemed like a machine that was working to solve a problem and improve.   So-- there in lies what I think is problem number one... and by no means only our fault but partly due to ANet:  We have nothing that needs our analytical skills, outside of raids, at this point in time.  TTS figured out each new boss and meta event as they were introduced, taught others how to do it, and now wait for more to do so again.


Next... in regards to leading events.  A HUGE problem I see is that NO ONE (else) wants to step up and do things with the guild (not counting raid guild) without a commander... it is like everyone is incapable unless being led by others.  I never see, in main guild chat, advertisements in regards to doing anything outside of there being idle chit-chat.  As such, I, too, no longer find much point asking folks if they would like to do a set of eight dungeons instead of the rigmarole of more Teq and TT.

 -  To put in a couple examples:  Asian was not on for guild missions one day (school tests I guess) and, in frustration (I get that way in the wee hours of the morn) I asked in TS if anyone wanted to do them with me... luckily Jim agreed (Phil was there too) and we did what we could till he (or maybe it was Merf) showed up (of course we could not temp invite, but it was enough) and only a few actually tagged along... nothing like if AC had been there.  A second time, back when we had HoT events scheduled on Fridays, I started to organise it but no one wanted to come along... Aesald (sp?) steps in "cuz he was awake" and suddenly everyone is joining the maps and we get going (then goes on to claim all the credit... which kinda fit... but was sad anyhow).

I just wish people felt they could organise things outside of a commander being present and yet that is never the case.  Personally, I do not want to be a commander because of the responsibility... but if I am not, no one is going to listen to me to do things anyhow (or so I have perceived).


Now... for the success... obviously, the raid guild is one of these, from what I have seen during OCE timeslot.  As was mentioned, having guilds that cater more specifically to things people want to do is going to be a draw for everyone.  That is why I have the raid guild, a WvW guild, a social guild, a guild where I have banners, and TTS for weekly missions.  On that regard... if we want to get away from the stigma of being just a world-boss guild, we need to do more than just Teq and TT every day ;).  That means, for folks that like them, why not Fractal dailies?  PvP dailies?  WvW dailies?  Things of that nature... or even, every day we have zone dailies, the whole guild piles into that zone and roams around doing events.  This would, in turn, help folks map complete in a fun atmosphere!  It would also focus us back toward being a community of all game modes and tasks rather than a TT success guild.  I think part of the poor attitude I have seen/heard is that "pugs can do that, we are not needed" which is seriously flawed.  We should do them because they are fun or accomplish a goal (escaping RL), not because of a need (at least till the next thing comes around where our analytical skills are required).


So, finally, I leave it with this... I am really glad I found the raid guild because I feel I have made a ton of friends I would not otherwise have found and been able to keep up with in a massive guild in excess of 100 people.  This also applies to my WvW guild, which is barely over 100 mostly-active members.  The active people in both know me... no one outside them really does.  It is something I pointed out on the GW2 forums too... that without content-specific guilds, we are all tiny pixels in an endless blob that, ultimately, carries everyone to victory and provides them with little to no learn in regards to the game, the mechanics of it, or even the lore of it.  That said, consolidation is not going to solve the timidness nor the fact no one seems to follow anyone that is not a commander.




tl;dr:  Without the commanders, people do nothing on their own; and smaller guilds make it easier to make friends and do things everyone enjoys.   Take it how you will.

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