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TTS, Politics, and You

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!


With the recent ramping-up of political talk, names, and subject matter due to the upcoming US Presidential Election, it's important to remind everyone that Political Talk doesn't have a place in our Teamspeak or Forums.


We did, however, create a general purpose Politics Containment Channel (PCC) beneath the Music Room for our members due to the influx of jokes, debates, and discussions caused this charged political atmosphere.


Any community member discussing politics, renaming themselves to support a political candidate, or otherwise causing/adding to political discourse will be asked to move to the PCC. Refusal to do so while continuing the aforementioned behaviour will result in a forced move into the channel. A community member who wishes to then leave the PCC while still continuing behaviour will be kicked and, eventually, temp-banned or more if the behaviour continues.


TTS acknowledges the strong feelings politics inspire and respects everyone's right to have an opinion, but asks to keep it contained to the appropriate channel as to not derail trains of conversation or cause arguments where there need not be any by those who don't wish to have them, the same reasons the Radioactive Channels were created.


Thank you for reading and see you ingame!

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