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2 minutes ago, Erik said:

My right ear really enjoyed these videos.


I had Kantri in my left ear, Raven in my right haha.

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On 5/26/2016 at 2:35 AM, Tammiriel said:

Loving the stereo channels, actually - would help listening to pick out people if there are several people on, talking at the same time etc.

I think I'm the opposite. I don't think I really liked it being only one ear.


On 5/26/2016 at 8:07 PM, Addy said:

They're both the same? Lol.


And Kantri why am I so quiet for the second video ._. Fix my skype!

RIP my voice.

Yeah, too hard to hear what you were saying.

And is it just me, or near the end did it sound like Raven\Inari were in big room and was kind of echoing?


Hmmm, what could the other leaders rants sections be called?


(someone needs to get a screenshot of Raven downed and 'shop "Banner 1" in a speech bubble...)

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Yeah Spear.. not sure what happened between the two videos. I didn't change anything at all. Kantri changed recording things to maybe it just doesn't like me? Haha.

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Is this the place to post about the next question/contest on the next dragon and how to fight it? If so (and even if not) here's my suggestion...


Dragon: Primordus

Instead of expanding the map NSEW for this one we're going underground. So how HoT introduced 4 maps on the surface, I think the next expansion will be 1 map on the surface and then more maps below that that dig deeper and deeper under Tyria's surface. To facilitate that just like HoT introduced gliders, we'll have tunnelers for this next one. We've already got the toy in game that you ride on, but I believe we'll be able to train to dig through walls/barriers/enemies. This leads into how we're going to fight Primordus - we're gonna drill into him. Not only are we taking the fight to the dragon, we're taking the fight inside the dragon.


This makes the most sense because Primordus is described as the dragon of fire and earth. Basically a living volcano. So we're going to have to have special tools to not only survive being near him, but also tools to make him vulnerable. Hence my idea of just drilling into him; find his sweet spots and attack.

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