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King of the Jungle Guide!

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That is correct. For lane specific mechanics:


- Ogre : More eggs add perma vulnerability though it is worth noting that you can only get up to aaximum of 5,so any level above 5 is redundant. 

- Nuhoch : More nodules = more chak helping. Haven't really noticed a cap though they provide a nice Dps boost. 

- Rata : Makes the golem stronger iirc and do more damage per level. 

- Scar : Higher levels = more frequent stomps and breaking. The old Strat used to be just to get to level 0 and leave it so it doesn't stomp as much and you can maximise the Aoe

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Just so that it's mentioned in the guide - at nuhoch, the hostile chak turn friendly when the gerent surfaces, so it's beneficial not to kill the vets (npc goes after them, though), particularly because the chak already die pretty quickly once the donuts/gerent goop drops.


Note: Watched a Vet Blitzer that just burrowed when the gerent spawned. Not sure if it's a L5+ thing or if a vet of the same minor mob had spawned as the original disappeared


Note 2: Confirmed that reg mob did get swapped to friendly, so... \o/ perhaps a range

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