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TTS EU Overhaul Community Feedback

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Hello everyone! A couple of hours back we had an impromptu community meeting to discuss some changes for EU including that I am now CO in charge of Teq Timelords and the EU Timezone, the following are things that I would like to change and want feedback from you guys, the community:


1 - I want to change EU from meeting 3x a week to 6x a week and expand the window of operations to encompass a range from 3:30pm UTC (current EU Teq/Shatter prep) to 8:30pm UTC (An hour after the end of Teq/Shatter in the "raid cycle" b/t EU and NA).


In order to accomplish this, I want to form a roster of Commanders, Former Commanders, Members, and even Non-Members who have an interest in helping our community grow.


If you are interested, please PM me (or post if you're comfortable) with what days you can be counted on to lead (Can be anywhere from 1 day to all 6, we're not including Tuesday UTC), at which times (from 3:30-8:30 UTC), and for which events. I will be placing an emphasis on reliability, though if someone is sick or something comes up once in a while, that's obviously fine, and why I'm leaving it open to what days, time (within the range, and events*, to accommodate you guys.


*Events can be anything from Teq to Fractals to Temple Runs.


The goal in this is to create a schedule based on EU's wants and needs where the emphasis is placed on dependability, and I place more value in 6 people who can guarantee a different day each week than I do in 2-3 people who want to, but can't, commit to 2-3 days a week.


This doesn't mean I want a solid 5 hours of events, but rather a range to accommodate the community and the leadership. Most weekends will probably be unchanged in both the times and the kinds of events led, but weekdays may be less intensive, shorter, or even longer, as the roster dictates, and may be later (within the range) compared to how they are done now.


Once I have a roster, it will be published with the times and days and event leaders. We'll try it out for a month and, if the events and the people remain reliable, we'll run with it as official and tweak as need be.


2 - Grow the EU Leadership. 


Currently, EU consists of myself and Captain Seyo but with the aforementioned roster, hopefully we can promote some of these event leaders to Commanders, with that process taking place as needed, and with some assurances from former leaders, we'll be able to sustain a schedule and grow both the community and the leadership from, and for, the community as well.


If numbers pick up, hopefully a Commander will want to Admin another guild and grow another hall, but that'll happen when it happens.


3 - Place the direction of EU in the community's hands.


As the first two parts illustrate, I want EU to reflect the wants and needs of its community, so when our events schedule is done I want it to be as personalized as we want to make it, with the events, the times (within range), and the people being decided by you all.


At the end of this week, we'll have another meeting during the normal Sunday event times and discuss the progress made so far, so this week will stay Fri, Sat, Sun only, and if we have enough to begin the 6 day cycle, then start it we will!


We will, for now, place Sunday as meeting day before events so we can ensure this transition moves along as a decent pace until our schedule is complete and finalized so use this thread, PM's, IG Mail, and the Sunday Meetings to help shape EU into the timezone you want it to be in!


Thank you!

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Much excitement \o\. At the present moment I'm going on vacation in the 2nd half of April (15-30).


But for now sign me up for Friday. I'll update this post during a weekday.

Also, I'm tempted to run a T6 Drytop during the week :)

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I'd be willing to run Guild Missions on Monday ~15:00 UTC/1:00 EST start time. Pending temp invite to Timelords, presently in Tequatl Terror, and approval to switch date and time, followed by the 17:00 UTC/3:00 EST Tequatl spawn.    


Depending on finishing time of GMissions and willingness of community stepping up to lead lanes, we could also do a Chak Garry as well. It spawns at 16:30 UTC/2:30 EST.

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So far we have a basic skeleton of a weekly schedule forming up! If anyone is at all interested in leading members through any piece of content on a reliable basis anywhere from 1-6 days a week, PM or post here!


Next meeting this Sunday during classic EU teq spawn!

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Might as well put this in.


Just for next week alone if there's no planned events or if they're at the later Teq Spawn, I'll be leading FGS Champ Trains (Frostgorge Sound) until then \o\.


Cause starting Thursday Map Bonus Rewards are - Charged Core/Lodestone/Giant Eyes/T6 Blood

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After an excellent weekend meeting, the following is our tentative roster post-SAB (times UTC):



3:30pm UTC - 5:30pm UTC: Various HoT events (by EU Team)



3:30pm UTC - 7:30pm UTC: Shatterer into Guild Missions into Tequatl (by Celtic)



Night Off



3:30pm UTC - 5:30pm UTC: Auric Basin's Event Farm + Octovine (by Rachyl Cats)

6:30 UTC - 7:30 UTC: Tequatl (by DJ)

7:30 UTC - 8:30 UTC: Way/Heropoint Farm (by Kantri)



3:30pm UTC - 5:30pm UTC: Silverwaste/Dry Top/Verdant Brink Map Farm (varies by the week, by Irrello)

6:30pm UTC - 7:30pm UTC: Tequatl (by DJ)



3:30pm UTC - 5:30pm UTC: Shatterer into KotJ into Octovine (by Irrello)

6:30pm UTC - 7:30pm UTC: Tequatl (by DJ)



3:30pm UTC - 5:30pm UTC :Tequatl and Triple Trouble (by EU Team and Wyverix)

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5 hours ago, Illusive Gwenhwyfar said:

I've been wondering when these changes will appear on the calendar. Because last Saturday there were people who were wondering why we weren't sticking with the schedule.



Changed has been made. Enjoy!

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