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Chronomancer Builds for Raiding

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Good guide! I main chrono tank too and my build is slightly different. 


In terms of tanking, I personally prefer domination instead of illusions. The cooldown reduction for illusions is not really needed imo, as the phantasm generation from. both off hands, shield, and idefender trait should generate more than enough phantasms. If you're running signet heal as well then that's even more phantasms! The main advantage of running Dom that I see is that you're still able to help out with support by giving party wide distortion with f4 shatter and two signet to help. mitigate damage when required. Alternative where tanking isn't required or necessary, you can switch out idefender trait for the second inspiration trait which casts signet of inspiration on illusion cast which combined with domination basically grants distortion frequently throughout a fight and freeing up a util slot or allowing you pump out even more boons. 


If your group is having trouble with break bars, Confounding trait in domination can help with that. 


With sigil of concentration, it has a duration of 7 seconds with an icd of 9 seconds. And wouldn't you know it, weapon swap also has a cool down of 9 seconds! So of you're running sigil of concentration, management of boon sharing and weapon swapping is pretty critical if you want to keep maximum uptime. 


Just one other thing I think you skipped over, you want to wait for well of action to finish ticking before casting signet of inspiration since the quickness doesn't apply until the final tick. 


I think you mentioned it briefly as well but just in case not, time warp should only be used when in continuum shift since time warp cool down is so much longer than cs. With proper alacrity uptime you'll be able to pump out time warps more constantly if you only cast it during Cs. As jacobbs mentioned in tje video if I remember correctly, back to back time warp should really only be used for a final push in dps to get a kill. 


I love chrono tank and the alternate playstyles you can have that are equally viable. As jacobbs said chrono is less about rotation and more about skill priority which makes playing chrono tank or support so much fun. 

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