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Easter Training Raids

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Hello all! 


Given the upcoming long weekend, I be organising training raids for NA since they are severely lacking at the moment. And by severely lacking, non existent =x. 


So if you're interested in Raids, and hopefully interested in leading a regular group moving forward, this weekend is your chance! 


I'll be organising raids NA just after reset teq (12:30am UTC) on Easter Saturday  and Easter Monday. Friday will be Spirit Vale, and Monday will be Salvation pass. Depending on my personal schedule, I may hold them on the weekend too. 


Also if you'd like to lead a few noobies through to teach them a thing or two, it would be great! 


In terms of requirements, for at least a mediocrum chance of success, please ensure the following :

- Your weapons, accessories and trinkets are Ascended. 

- You understand the meta build for your class for raiding (if not ask here and myself and others will surely be able to assist) 

- You've at least read up on Vale Guardian and Slothasor so you have a basic run down of what those two fights entail

- You have the appropriate food and utility buffs for your roles


I will be attempting to form the most optimum group compositions for these raids, as a hint, Ps warriors are a dime a dozen, as are reapers. Chronos, engi and druid not so much =) Also if you're able to fulfil multiple roles, that'll be a bonus Eg if you have a warrior and can do both Ps and burnzerker


Hope to see you there! Any questions ask away! 


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First training group did amazingly well!  VG took a bit till we got Merf back to being tank instead of me >.>


We got Gorse on the second attempt, giving many their first kill: https://youtu.be/9nxU1VhpLuY


Then Merf had us YOLO Sabetha and even without turrets or a single explanation, we got her to phase.

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