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TT Condi Guide (Ddo edition) UPDATED: 12/22/2016

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Basic Overview




The goal of having a condition team at Triple Trouble (although somewhat irrelevant nowadays with the practice of husk blocking) is to control the husks in such a way that they do not interrupt the jobs of the other groups at the individual wurms (I.e. reflect teams and the zerg).


As the condi team operates separately from the zerg, during phase 1 do not follow the commander's calls, unless specified to do so. Avoid joining the main squad, and if you do, make sure you are either separated into a subgroup or know who each other are. This is important as it allows you to keep track of your fellow condi members, and also allows you to quickly assess situations in an emergency and move accordingly.


The priorities of the condi team (in order of importance) are as follows:


  • Controlling/killing the husks
  • Burn phases
  • Removal of eggs/larvae
  • Killing veteran wurms/additional mobs (preferably when the zerg is also clearing them/taking aggro)


While the fight is progressing, husks are the biggest priority for the condi team. Following the priority list above, if a husk is up when the wurm enters burn phase, do not join the burn phase, remove the husk first. Unless you are comfortable with the timer on the husk spawns, do not move too far from the area in which the husks spawn. Do not attempt to help another condi team member with their husk until your assigned husk is dead.


It is generally a good idea to have the condi team leave the burn phase early in order to deal with potential early husk spawns so they can be dealt with quickly.




Controlling The Husks




Controlling the husks after the Heart of Thorns release that brought with it the break bar or defiance bar mechanic has become a lot more difficult as soft crowd control effects (CCs) such as chilled, immobilized, crippled, etc. are no longer effective as a control method. Furthermore, hard CCs such as stuns, pulls, pushes, knockbacks, knockups, etc. are also ineffective at controlling husks due to the presence of a break bar.


Breaking the break bar and applying a 5 second stun to the husk is an option that you may consider. However, personally, I have found it to be ineffective due to the lack of available burst of condition damage to the husk in said time period. Furthermore, time spent breaking the break bar is time that could be spent applying DPS to the husk.


In my opinion, the most effective way to control the husk and prevent it from causing damage to the other groups currently is to DPS the husk down before the husk can interfere with other groups.

Another option to control the husk would be to gain aggro of the husk, and lead it away from the other groups. However, I personally believe that this option is not viable due to the fact that there is no guaranteed way to maintain husk aggro on yourself, and as such, this method is unreliable.







At each of the three wurm heads, regardless of the colour, each wave of husks that spawn will spawn three total husks, at a North and South position, with a husk spawning in between the two. The three positions are commonly referred to as North, Mid, and South, each respective to their individual wurms. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to put the most people at the middle husk spawn, with the most competent member of the condi team taking the solo husk at either north or south. This is important as it allows for the middle team to finish with their husk quicker, and then immediately go help either north or south, depending on which one is having a harder time dealing with their husk.


Make sure that you know where to stand when husks spawn to avoid getting crushed by them.


Furthermore when organizing groups, it is imperative that players with experience in the condi team are paired with newer members to alleviate the pressure on the newer members, and so that they have an easier time learning mechanics of the husk.


It is also important that the condi team avoid other mobs as much as possible as they can build up fairly quickly and overwhelm the teams resulting in husks going out of control


Stealing banners when exiting burn phase and bringing them to your respective husk spawn location is also a good idea because free buffs.


At Amber, an important thing to watch out for is the risen abomination, as the zerg will be standing near it and it paths fairly close to the spawns of the three husks. Avoid attacking the abomination, and attempt to lead your husk away from it as the zerg will easily draw aggro of the husk off you.


At Cobalt, there are a large amount of additional mobs (excluding the veteran wurms that spawn) in the form of pirates, and crabs. It is important to try and avoid aggro of these mobs as they can easily overwhelm yourself and your condi team, resulting in husks going out of control. Furthermore, because all three paths that people run barrels across intersect directly with the husk spawns, it is imperative that the cobalt team are responsive as it allows for quick reassignment of members to burn the husk that is in the path of the spawn. The zerg running across your husk results in the husk quickly aggroing onto the zerg and the loss of control of the husk.


At Crimson, the path that the zerg takes intersects directly with the spawn points of the husks, and as such, the aggro of the husks are constantly switching. Because of this, it is important to keep track of the husks, and if possible, keep them away from the zerg as much as possible. At Crimson, the possibility of chasing after your husk is increased greatly, and as such, classes that deal a large portion of their condition damage from ground based AoE fields (Such as Warrior Longbow) are not recommended as the husk will simply walk out of the field.






Regarding Equipment and Builds, they are not listed here because they change constantly due to balance patches. A simple google search will yield a plethora of builds and bases that you can look at and from that build what you want to play at condi. Raid builds, if you are comfortable playing them, are good builds to follow, but at the end of the day, test out your own builds, and find what works for you. Every playstyle is different, and it is up to you to decide what you want to play. This being said, if your condi lead gives you advice, or asks you to change something, unless you can justify to them why you are running what you are running, please follow their instructions. This is because you can play what you want to play as long as it doesn't impact on other people's gameplay. If you aren't willing to change for the better of the team, and the team gets let down because of this, do not volunteer for a condi role.



Condition Team Lead




Generally speaking, the leader should assign the most experienced person within the group (including themselves) to either north or south spawn. Assuming a full condi team of five people, the other 4 people should be split in half, and assigned to the remaining roles. New people to condi should be paired in these groups with someone who is more experienced with condi, which allows for a safety net for the inexperienced player.


Splitting classes evenly is also something to keep in mind when organizing parties, as stacking two venomshare thieves together is somewhat inefficient compared to splitting them up, and as such, leaving two parties with the additional buffs.


Always remind your team of husk spawn locations after training, and inform them of the way you are splitting the parties, regardless of how experienced the team is. Make sure that people know where to stand to avoid being crushed by the husk when it lands.


In cases where you have under 3-4 people (3 being the minimum per wurm) always assign the most people to the middle spawn so they can reassign themselves and help the others as soon as their husk is dead.


In cases where your entire condi team is new, take the solo husk, and make sure to provide feedback and advice for the other groups. The important thing is to stay positive, and help them learn so they may teach others.


Remember to ensure that food is dropped before people split into individual parties and head to their respective wurms.



Condition Training




Having a microphone is not required for leading condi or training condi, however chat co-ordination can be a bit more finicky and difficult.


For condition training:


  • Begin by assessing numbers
  • Find individual team leaders (one for each wurm head)
  • Balance out the teams (in terms of newer players)
  • Provide a quick overview of the condi team's jobs (more in depth if there are newer players)
  • Ask for any questions


Players that are chosen for condi team leads should know husk spawns and be familiar with the mechanics of condi. Furthermore, they should be able to comfortably answer any questions posed by newer people to condi, or be able to direct them to somewhere/someone where the questions can be answered.



Useful Links




Old TTS Condi Team Guide (Out of Date):


Recommended Condi Builds (May be out of date):
(Thanks to Kazu for updating these)




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1 hour ago, Saith of Dusk said:

Just a heads up, its unreadable for the white background theme, you might want to format it for destination formatting so when on white theme it uses different colours.

He was having no joy with doing that so I altered it a little bit so it would be readable for everyone. 

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I use a rev for condi, it works pretty well. Focused on all sinister armour, weapons and trinkets. I have crits triggering torment and poison triggering off torment.


Mace/Axe for torment 1 spam, Mace 2 is a good burn and fire field for Mace 3 blast. Axe 5 is more torment and helps to break the bar.


Offhand, I use a staff, which I open with 5 for instant break, then switch to Mace/Axe to stack on that torment, poison and burning before it starts moving around again.


I'm sure it may not be the most optimised, but considering you guys don't have a Rev guide, maybe this is something to work off.

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Some things to suggest for the guide.

For crimson I would recommend it would be better to have two at North simple because All husk run with the zerg and will end up at crimson/amber extractors.  Also Crimson extractor also will have the most cluster of Vet wurms and some Risen Krait to worry about. Mid at crimson is very peaceful compared to North and the husk will most likely run up to crimson extractor. 

The abom at Amber runs over North and South so trap users have to be smart and not waste them on the abom. Traps at mid can be placed without being triggered by abom.  Do to a lot of mobs around Cobalt condi, traps get triggered often so keep track of when husk will be coming out or reduce your dependence on traps.


Tracking Husk Timer

Husk spawn about every 90 seconds, so you can take a look at the event timer and subtract 90 seconds to figure when the next set of husk will be coming.


Husk Animation is something extra condi leaders can go over.

-Husk Throw is a range attack that debuffs who it hits with parasites.

-Husk Stomp is a one leg lift to stomp that will knock up who is near the leg which is followed by a punch that will knock you back.  It will most likely drop aggro if you had aggro.

-Husk jump is where it jumps off the ground and landing with chances of it immobilizing you with binding roots.  If you get immobilized without a condi cleanse, the spit from the Wurm will most likely down you (Also the husk will most likely run away).  There is a bug/feature that if the jump lands on a extract mushroom that the husk will instantly die.  But it can be tough to get a husk near it for when it uses that animation so it is something you may not want to rely on.


Condi Numbers

-Too few.  Yes nine is the minimum for each husk to have one condi, but this means everyone will solo, even the new people.  Tell them to focus on survival because if they go down, there is no one on the husk.  Be sure to communicate low numbers to the commander of your wurm.  

Amber condi should always have the most since if the husk get to the stack spot there will be a high chance of missing a burn phase.  If not enough zerg gets in, amber has a long time to wait to proc their next burn phase.

Cobalt condi can be just as important as amber. The husk tend to chase the zerg and the zerg ends up at the drop keg location cause many zerglings to drop their kegs by CCs and interrupts.

Crimson wurm could be done with the fewest members, even two condi veterans if needed.

A team is at least three members, it only takes one husk to ruin a keg run at cobalt or a burn phase at amber.

What do you do when you have less than nine condi members.  Well first thing would be to contact the meta lead to see if you can get any more poeple to join condi.  If you do not receive more members, find out if the meta lead will use husk blocking or a zerg'ing amber team.  Husk blocking will most likely happen at crimson and the zerg will deal with husk at burn phase.  They will lose some dps to the husk, but they won't lose a burn phase.  Amber Zerg'ing the husk depends on the leader, the idea is that the zerg kills the husk then the abom. The husk will spawn again before the next time to kill the abom.  The big problem/risk is near the end of the meta the husk timer is off and the  husk spawn when the zerg wants to stack.  

A team is atleast three members, it only takes one husk to ruin a keg run at cobalt or a burn phase at amber.


-Too many. If you have to many condi it is best to send some back to the zerg, but be sure the new people get on a team.


A different condi setup.

I use a one squad to set up Condi, using three subgroups. Group 1 is did not pick color yet, and the next three are the different wurms.  Using one squad allows you to keep track of all condi teams.  You will know if one team is struggling if they are going down a lot or if a team has disconnects.  This allowing you  to have a chance at helping of fixing a problem.



Husk Blocking

Husk blocking is a thing but don't be afraid to ask reflect for husk.  It sucks but we don't want people to get discourage from joining condi team, even more so if they are new to condi.


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