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Bringing Back The Event Trains

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Okay, so while we've been focusing overall on the big meta events we can do as a group, i thought I might take a step back and share a fun thing I've been wanting to try for the longest time during the off-hours of the schedules:




So with the introduction of HoT came the map bonus rewards for Central Tyria, while we've been focusing on the big meta's, the whole map bonus rewards kind of slipped under our radars. There's some FANTASTIC loot to be had and is a lot of fun and can help people make a little bit of money and get those materials to complete your legendaries or whatever. 


So how does this work ? All Bonus Rewards have an 8-week rotation which resets on THURSDAY, 20:00 UTC (00:00 +4 UTC the next day) 


Just for current simplicity's sake I'm just going to talk about Frostgorge Sound - currently the rewards include:

a) Charged Lodestone

b) Giant Eyes

c) Charged Cores

d) Tier 6 Powerful Blood


If you do the entire bonus map reward track this week you'll be making THIRTY-FOUR gold if you sell it direct to the TP. That's pretty nice for a weeks' work.

( P.S. If you're curious, this page shows whats the most profitable map bonus rewards for the current week: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Map_bonus_reward/profit )


This has lead to some really fun encounters with people zoning into Frostgorge Sound with a completely revitalized FrostGorgeSound Champion Train akin to the old train days.


(If you're curious how the train goes, and want to hop in on it - GW2Efficiency has a nice guide up on it: https://gw2efficiency.com/guides/text-guides/frostgorge-train )




Now this is jsut Frostgorge Sound, there are other maps that are quite profitable as well and this is where I come in with all you lovely people:


- Currently, we already figured out a really nice champion/event train for Sparkfly Fen while waiting around for Tequatl spawns. So why not extend that to other maps and try to experiment the best event 'trains' while we're at it?


This is open to everyone! Not just the leaders, if you want to help me experiment around with some of the maps outside of raid times, just hit me up on Teamspeak/in-game or post here :D



Next Week looks like Malchor's Leap might become profitable:  Vial of Powerful Blood, Hardened Leather Section, Corrupted Core/Lodestone

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