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Raiding with TTS & Taxis

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When do you run events and raids?

You can check out when our events and raids are on by going to the TTS Calendar.

The red line on the calendar shows the current time. To view the calendar in a different timezone, it can be imported to your personal calendar.

Otherwise, use the link below and change America/Vancouver at the end of the link below (as suggested by Mealla Fallas) to a recognized timezone.

Can I come to TTS raids if I’m not a member?

Yes, everyone is welcome to come to our raids! While members do take priority, we want new people to come and learn the fights of Tequatl & Wurm. We do however hope you would join us in TeamSpeak (ts.ttsgamers.com).

What's a taxi?

Taxi is what we call bringing someone over from another map. Taxis are needed to move onto the map events are being run on, such as Tequatl and Triple Trouble. They are also called other terms such as “cab”, “ferry” or “shuttle”.

How do I taxi onto a map?

After it's been announced in TeamSpeak, join the party of a Council Member Council.png,  Leader leader.png?169ad3, or Probie probie.png?169ad3 at the top of the TeamSpeak (unless the name says otherwise) or people who have listed being a taxi. 

After you’re in a party, right click on their character icon at the top left part of the screen and choose “Join in (Map Name)”. Don’t join on commanders commander.png?169ad3 or other members unless they list their name in teamspeak chat.

Once on the map, make sure to leave the party by typing /leave or clicking Leave Party in the party UI. If you get declined, try /leave twice to fix the party bug.

How do I find out which map IP I’m on?

By using the command /IP in-game you’ll be given an address like You take the number before the : , and you have your TTS shorthand IP number. It's 92 in this example.

What is a party bug?

It’s a term which we use when someone is not able to join party due to a bug. Use the command /join and not /invite when trying to join with a leader. It happens when two people try to join the party at the same time. If you're bugged, simply try entering /leave twice and retry joining on a taxi.

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