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GW2 Council

CC/Shard Chat for Commanding / Volunteering

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Opening Whisper List

  • Shortcut Method Ctrl + Shift + W
  • Via Menu: Settings -> Options -> Whisper (in left side column) -> Whisper Lists

Creating the Whisper List & Keybind

  • Click New then input a key to use for speaking in commander chat; it must be different from the one used for regular chat.
  • Name the whisper list, e.g. TTS GW2 Chat 1
  • Finishing setting up
    • Whisper to: "Groups"
    • Group Whisper Type:
      • "Server Group"
      • "TTS"
      • "GW2 Chat 2" (or number in the orange circle by your name)
    • Group Whisper Target: "All Channels" (to talk across channels)


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