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Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. We have a small status update window right now where we can click for replies of one's status update. Can a link be added to like an update straight from the main page?


Bigger request - possible to type replies from main page rather than just link?

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It is possible, yes - but I'm against doing so.


While it does add more functionality to the main-page, the main-page is already "functionality heavy" - aka, adding anything more would detract from the experience, IMO. The chat window, status updates, threads, etc - all occupy a lot of space and create a bunch of visual noise. Adding the UI for this would create even more.


Interested in your thoughts, though.

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Wasn't thinking anything large scale. same status window with a Heart icon such as the one when you click on the status as is. Small and sits right next to where it says '# replies'

There aren't enough updates to warrant an upgrade in size. Maybe a general forum feed? Incorporates posts, topic creation, and status in one panel instead of the separation. Not fully in support of that though. Too much clutter. But throwing some ideas out there.

*Edit* - I forgot about the bigger request. I agree about visual clutter. Only if a mini text field appeared in the status panel after clicking to reply, as an example. It's not a huge function of the site and doesn't need a huge section of the page.

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