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[Assistance Required!] Auric Basin Guide

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Hey all,

If you haven't already checked out our awesome Triple Trouble guide, you can do so here http://ttsgamers.com/strategy/great-jungle-wurm/ . As we're working through these new Meta Events, we are looking at creating equally awesome guides for the new HoT Meta Events. So we need your help.

Primarily pictures of events, videos, gifs of mechanics etc. If you have any that you can share, please post below and we'll provide credit where credit is due. 

If you understand a mechanic extremely well and want to do a little write up about it, do so too and we can look at incorporating it into the guide! 

Thanks in advance!

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I have one piece of significant information to include, that I haven't noticed people noticing, about Enchanted Armors.

When you win a mini-challenge to obtain and Enchanted Armor (I think this is the name) you will get a transformation into a Golden Enchanted Armor with a big helmet. If you leave this armor for whatever reason, the replacement is a Blue Enchanted Armor with a regular helmet.

The skills in each transform are the same, however the hit points of the gold armor are >100k whereas the hit points of the blue armor are <100k.

If you die as an enchanted armor, the suit will respawn at the location (or thereabouts) where you complete the challenges to obtain it. So you can waypoint, collect it, and run back to the fight.

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Just this Columbus Day weekend alone I saw 1 burn South Octovine to crit but those that armored up deactivated and left the frogs wipe out anyone who was there.


I am very sure WR could have happened that day as well as mes port North Octovine with and without PoF skills.


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